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Time to get behind the team

Results have improved and we now have 2 important cup games ,starting on Saturday.
We are also now in the play off positions in the league and we can finish the season on a high. The club ,manager and players are doing their best with wins in the league now home and away. The club are also offering reduced admission to the next home game against Leyton Orient, if accompanied by a seas on ticket holder . COYB.


  • One Important cup game and one Mickey Mouse Cup game

  • From a personal perspective, I have always "got behind the team". I can't see the point in getting on the teams back when it's not going well on the field. In fact, that's when the team need the fans support the most. Why wait until fortunes change to give your support?

  • Thank you "Strongest Team" for your backing - you are a true fan.
    A pity other fans can't offer the club their support at this time.

  • I am sure if enough of us can get to Chesterfield the boys will respond accordingly. Does anyone know if we will be given the end or the last block of the side?

  • edited November 2016

    My ticket says North Stand so behind goal @Onlooker. Hopefully get at least 600 of us up there.

  • @lordmelchester Or maybe a certain TV commentator. Back to old tricks is it? Guilt tripping? Good luck to all who choose to go to Millwall for what is the biggest waste of time competition that has ever been invented.
    But can't wait for Saturday. Fancy our chances in the biggest and best cup competition. Maybe 600 is a bit optimistic its only the 2nd round. But we could get half of that.

  • We should absolutely get behind our team for the FA cup. Things are looking good for WWFC at the moment.

    However, if you're going to label people as "not true fans" for not attending the shambles that is the Checkatrade Trophy, shame on you. Luckily, the majority of Football League supporters don't agree with you.

  • "we now have 2 important cup games"

  • I am not in favour of the format of the EFL Trophy, but can see how the Millwall match can be described as "important". With prize money of £20000 on offer to the winner, I would think it important for the club to try to win. That £20000 could be very helpful towards keeping Scott Kashket or Paris Cowan-Hall at Wycombe for the rest of the season, which contributors to this forum have expressed as something they would like to see and that they believe would be beneficial to our chances in the League.

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