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Sido v Harriman

Yesterday Harriman offered nothing going forward and defensively was poor, at fault for Weston rushing back and getting himself sent off.
The guy is a shadow of himself from 12 months ago and I can't understand why Sido is not getting a look in. Maybe dropping Thomson and pushing Harriman up would help but right back at the moment he is second best.


  • I thought Harriman was our best player yesterday and was our only attacking threat. Would prefer to see him further forward so your suggestion would work for me.
    Not sure you can blame him for Weston getting sent off when we are pushing for a goal in injury time.

  • I honestly couldn't pick a man of the match for Wycombe yesterday. It was as bad as it gets and I'll say it again, against one of the worst league sides I have ever seen. Their keeper and defence looked absolutely shambolic.

    And we had one shot

    Hard to remember a game in which we got our tactics so obviously wrong and yet we didn't change them at all

    I'd love to be proved wrong, but I honestly can't see Wycombe ever playing well with Akinfenwa in the side.

    Fault for all of the above lies at Ainsworth's door I'm afraid.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle For the sending off he did what the team and he had done all game. Came charging forward. Looked up. Had no idea what to do. Had no options. Got caught in possession. Lost the ball. Weston then 'ahem' tackled back.
    Harriman at right back only works if he artacks (effectively) and pushes the opponent left midfield back. Otherwise he gets overwhelmed and he is not a good defender.

  • I've missed Sido. Always involved and entertaining. Bit of a maverick but what the hell. Push Harriman forward.

  • Harriman certainly seems wasted at RB. Is this a case of Thompson being undroppable? Or Sido really a worse option than Harriman? Personally I'd opt for Sido and Harriman and have Thompson on the bench.

  • Thought So do was mom against Stevenage. Farnsworth obviously has his favourites. Plus Harriman ex QPR.

  • That's meant to say So do.

  • Dam predictive text.

  • Until around the point the goal with disallowed I thought we were playing some excellent football. Not quite sure what went wrong after that...

  • @Chickenhead said:

    Thought So do was mom against Stevenage. Farnsworth obviously has his favourites. Plus Harriman ex QPR.

    So do we - think Sido was Man of the Match. That Farnsworth makes odd decisions at times.

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