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Match day thread: Stevenage



  • Really enjoyed the game today, thought we played some nice stuff and with Paris and Weston back it bodes well. It's only one game though so can't be getting too carried away

  • @brittanywanderer said:
    arnos_grove moi! what have I done to deserve that.

    Never knowingly positive although I was probably a bit harsh bracketing you with the doom twins!

  • Whilst I do believe you should be able to say what you want, I have noticed a negative overreaction from plenty of Wycombe fans regarding Wood. He certainly had a poor season last academic year, however he still performed to a very high standard consistently before that. My point is at least he has performed well at some stage in his Wycombe career.

    Fans shouldn't be overly negative on players who at least put a shift in eg. Challenge for headers and work hard for the team IMHO. Surely it's the managers fault for picking those players.

    Fair play to Howard if he's gone and had a constructive conversation with the fans if he feels they overstepped the mark. However I certainly hope they aren't banned. Not everyone expresses themselves the same and older supporters can't on the one hand reminisce warmly about previous days where they behaved in a similar fashion to how some of the supporters and then say how jobby and troublesome the younger supports are.

  • Really enjoyed today's game. Pierre imperious at the back, Gape very good in midfield, Sam Wood having his best game in a very long time, Southwell running his socks off up front and getting a goal after missing two chances, decent atmosphere and at times some very good football being played.

    All in all a very enjoyable afternoon

  • a good win today lets hope we get a run together and win some more games .

  • I'm at a loss with regards the abuse of Wood. He is one player that knows he is below par and tries his best to put matter right. Last season he sucked by his standards, hangover from the playoff but more because he was played out of position for most of the season. Today, wide in a 4-4-2 he looked like Woody of old. He will not come back 100% after 12 months off the wing but a couple of games down the line he will be Woody of old. He has earned our support and the fools that boo and decry him are just that.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub and @eric_plant - very much agree with you both. Good feeling at last. Wasn't at Fratton Park but heard that Michael Harriman played better at left back than Sido and that was certainly the case today. Particularly pleased to see the unfairly abused Thommo and Woody playing well in their proper wide positions. Matt Bloomfield is playing as well as he has for two or more seasons, Dominic Gape has settled in to central midfield very quickly and is a good passer of the ball. The whole balance of the side was much better than in recent months and it was great to see PCH gliding across the turf towards the end of the game, coming close to scoring within two minutes of coming on but, it has to be said, also giving away an unnecessary free kick which might well have led to a joy-busting equaliser. It didn't though and the relief at the final whistle was palpable. Excellent!

  • Can't agree about Bloomfield but it's not the night to dwell on negatives

  • @crabbie said:
    rather quiet on here considering we won

    Just got in, long drive. Anyway Great 3 points, that's more like it.

  • @eric_plant said:
    Can't agree about Bloomfield but it's not the night to dwell on negatives

    I think my judgement was slightly skewed by that amazing pirouette in the second half. Totally unexpected!
    Pierre and Stewart magnificent - risk of losing both? - with the former right back on the money.
    Hayes back playing well and in his best position.
    Blackman faultless after the Fratton Park lapses.
    What not to like?

  • Only downside was Bloomfield's repeated diving. He even spent a long period arguing with the referee and linesman about one incident when frankly he was lucky not to get booked.

    For a man with his model pro reputation, he really is a shocking cheat.

  • Completely agree. I find it a bit embarrassing

  • Not sure what was said to wood but it seemed to spur him on and I think he gradually got better especially in the 2nd half. Think we did ok in the firsts half and just lacked quality in the final 3rd mainly out wide but that seemed to be better in the second half. After his goal thought Southwell looked really good so many good one twos and link up play with Hayes and willingness to take people on with more conviction, I just hope he keeps playing with Hayes in this formation and PCH plays out wide probably instead of thommo in my opinion. Pierre back to his best today was that cruyff turn him? That was cirtainly a highlight and everyone's been moaning about his distribution, I thought it was excellent today maybe in the past he was told just to lump it up. My only concern is we didn't go for a second and spent ages time wasting. I know we needed the win and that was the main thing but Stevenage were poor and were there for the taking and we wouldn't have to worry about time wasting if we were 2 or 3 up. That and Bloomfields diving was the only negative really thought the midfield should have been freshened up earlier in the game than it was, gape looked good but I do think McGinn and Rowe have more quality than Bloomfield. Gapes booking was ridiculous one of many dives by Stevenage players.

  • My favourite moment of officiating came after the ball crashed into a Stevenage player's midriff so hard that you could hear the thud, and bounced out of play, and the linesman gave them the subsequent throw in

    Poor lino got did dreadful stick after that

  • Very glad - and relieved - to come home to a win. I'd been taking son back to a solid Russell Group northern university....but that's a whole other conversation.

  • @eric_plant It also bounced off said Stevenage player at a 45 degree angle.

    Incredible decision.

  • edited September 2016

    In the context of how we've been playing recently, yesterday's performance was an important step in the right direction. It was pleasing to see us try to play it on the deck, and not always go for a default hoof over the top. Sam Wood looked like he was getting his confidence back and Hayes was linking up play intelligently like we were used to seeing in the 14/15 season.
    In the marathon thread earlier in the week, I posted before the game that the pressure was on to produce a much improved performance after the Col U debacle, and I think Gareth and the lads should take satisfaction from how the game went. The game itself won't be remembered as a classic by any stretch, though after all that's gone on over the past 9 months hopefully this will set us on the road back to playing football that is more enjoyable to watch as well as getting us results as well.

  • Three points and a clean sheet will hopefully have been a huge confidence boost - too easy to get in a losing rut. Thought the overall performance was a huge improvement, and pleased for Woody and Harriman to both play their best games for a while.

  • Much improved performance from Woody I thought. Nice to see him shut the critics up and ironic to see them giving him abuse first half then singing his name as he got subbed off. Fickle much?

  • edited September 2016

    Bloody hell...could not make it Saturday...and cannot get time off for Crewe. What sort of fan owned club is this if the team win when I'm not there? I blame the Board...

  • @ Rolo . If there were people giving wood grief , they must have been very small in number as I was in the terrace and didn't even hear it . I feel you are therefore tarring the people behind the goal with the same brush . To assume that the guys chanting his name at the end were the same fans being fickle is very unfair in my opinion .

  • @James said:
    @ Rolo . If there were people giving wood grief , they must have been very small in number as I was in the terrace and didn't even hear it . I feel you are therefore tarring the people behind the goal with the same brush . To assume that the guys chanting his name at the end were the same fans being fickle is very unfair in my opinion .

    I was in the terrace and yes there were idiots abusing woods.

  • Calling someone "woods" ain't exactly respectful!

  • @micra said:
    Calling someone "woods" ain't exactly respectful!

    I do apologise to Sam wood for disrespecting him by accidentally adding an s to his surname
    @micra haven't you anything more worthwhile to post?

  • @James I was on the terrace and yes - the same fans that were abusing him while defending a corner (he actually turned and gave some back as the corner was about to come in) were singing his name at the end. I'm not tarring all fans behind the goal with the same brush as obviously I am one myself.

  • @braywanderer said:
    micra haven't you anything more worthwhile to post?

    Not at midnight, no @braywanderer. I do all my best work earlier in the day. As a relative newcomer, you may not realise that I tend to lapse into merry quips at times and I'm also boringly careful not to offend, especially our players, whose names do matter. I did wonder if you'd intended to say Woody which would not have invited comment.

    I also wondered initially if the "idiots" were breaking branches off trees.

  • @micra said:
    I also wondered initially if the "idiots" were breaking branches off trees.

    Yes very funny it was late I was emotional

  • the most annoying thing about your standard boo boy, like our little gang, is that they believe that they are entitled to scream foul mouthed abuse at whoever they like for 90mins because they have "paid their money" and are "voicing their opinion", yet the second a player even dares to answer back, they'll flood social media with outrage.

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