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The Great Football Ground Vote - Group G

Group of Death?

Ground Vote - Group G
  1. Which is your favourite out of the following four grounds?76 votes
    1. Selhurst Park - Crystal Palace
    2. Carrow Road - Norwich City
    3. Deepdale - Preston North End
    4. Toughsheet Community Stadium - Bolton Wanderers


  • There can only be one.

    I’ve a fondness for the other three, but as the scene of the greatest football drama of all time, Selhurst Park it is.

  • The greatest irony in this is that Crystal Palace were not involved, but rather a tenant!

  • Unless he means the Cantona kung fu kick?

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    Has to be Carrow Road- mainly for Delia’s restaurant , though that game at Selhurst Park vs Wimbledon is unforgettable too!

  • No, but that did lead to one of the best headlines of all time ‘The sh&t hits the fan’!

  • I went with Selhurst because it’s the venue of some of the most precious memories of my life, never mind my Wycombe supporting life.

    Deepdale is a glory too tho. Very tough!

  • Lifelong memories aside, got to Selhurst Park for its mismatched stands and feeling of a ground that's grown and changed over the years rather than a shiny newbuild.

  • I always think the Deepdale seat mosaics are very impressive. Tom Finney at one end, Bill Shankly at the other?

  • Deepdale for me, opened 46 years before Selhurst Park.

  • Really is a group of death. All four are excellent grounds. You cannot beat our Cup match though!

    Been to all four in last 12-18 months and had a great time at all of them. I'm not sure if Preston fans have a real dislike for Ryan Lowe or just all their managers! He got some stick whilst we were there and they were just outside the play offs...

    If it was just on location to amenities, ground, access/egress etc then Norwich is a fantastic ground and would otherwise get my vote.

  • I'm in a minority here as I went for Bolton. I just find it architecturally beautiful.

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    Considering this is such a strong group and Selhurst is still dominating, it makes me wonder if it is a serious contender for the overall title.

    FYI tomorrow's group is almost comically opposite today's. The Group of Life.

  • Has to be Selhurst Park for 2001 and all that. It might be almost a quarter of a century ago, and the only time Wycombe have ever played there (I think), and it's certainly not the nicest ground out of the four, but it gets my vote.

  • I’ve got some questions about how you’ve seeded this old son!

  • I went with Bolton too, as the only one I’ve seen Wycombe play at (or been to at all actually). Yeah, we lost 2-1, but everyone was friendly, and the train back to Manchester being a 5 minute walk from the away end made it awfully easy for me to get to/from. Would be the only perk of the PNL winning this weekend

  • That's just it - I had no seeding, to keep the sense of "cup tournament" jeopardy. The rules are all there on my wonderfully written introductory thread. 😁

  • That Hakan Hayrettin goal at PNE on the plastic v one of the greatest ever away evening matches?

    Has to be Selhurst Park.

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    They still had a plastic pitch that late? Never knew that. I thought they got banned in the 80s.

  • I love the goal keeper rooted to the spot, just watching the ball go over his left shoulder.

  • That pitch looks like it must've been horrific to play on!

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  • Yes. We were in an odd place for away fans iirc, a small terrace in the middle of the main stand near the half way line.

    I went to uni in Lancaster so would pop down to Deepdale regularly and went half a dozen times that season. I saw them blow teams away and the atmosphere could be terrifying but somehow we went there and upset the odds.

    They really were special days.

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    I can't vote for Selherst Park even if I want to for the 2001 memories.... as apart from the emphatic win.... the place is falling to bits.... has the most worst placed pillars for viewing ever.... and I literally still have a mark on my shin from when I jumped up celebrating the goals that night. Feeble, and borderline dangerous "leg room"

  • Also agreeing with a previous minority view, Bolton because it is aesthetically pleasing!

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    Has to be Selhurst. Incredible memories.

  • Wasn't it still concrete benches or something equally as crap, vaguely remember standing for most of it. Long replaced probably but maybe not very well. Palace are definitely at that kind of a crossroads now where they've been in the Prem for a while, lots of money has come in and fans are asking when promised new stands are actually going to happen. Eze and Olise will likely make a contribution with their departures.

  • And absolute fear when you realised you were in a cage surrounded on both sides and above by Preston fans who were less than friendly.

    We left rather quickly after the goal had gone in.

  • Yeah, we experienced a few "issues" getting back to our transport and out of Preston.

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