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Final MOTM Standings

Josh Scowen swept all three categories again, and was Player of the Season for a lot of us - I think a lot of people were just bored with the status quo.

Full excel file attached for anyone who likes that kind of thing.

JJ marked his final appearance with the most romantic outcome of all - a Man of the Match award on the Gasroom!


  • Thanks Shev, always enjoy your stats and input.

    Scowen clearly the Gasroom darling for another season. We are lucky to have him and let’s hope he stays until he retires.

  • My respect for Scowen is monumental. The consistency he has shown throughout his two periods for us have been quite mesmerising to be honest. He plays referees like a fiddle and wins every single time. His quality out of possession is like no other Wycombe player I’ve ever seen. His quality in possession has improved immeasurably - he can even pick out a tidy through pass in the final third now. A top professional who leads by example without having to scream or shout. He just turns up and gets on with it; it doesn’t matter if it’s Accrington Stanley on a Tuesday night or Carlisle away after 1,500 miles of travelling - he’s always giving 100%. I will cherish every moment I get to see Josh play for Wycombe.

  • Josh was clearly player of the season, well done to Potts for winning the official one, he's also had a great season, but I can't help thinking the online vote may have been slightly helped by West Ham fans

  • There was a case for both. They complemented each other so well and we need to do all we can to find another player in the Potts mould.

  • Despite our terrible first half of the season I thought Scowen had his best ever season for us. Playing him in the box-to-box role recently has really brought out some skills that I didn't know he had too. He's pretty much the complete midfielder.

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