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Saxon Earley just signed

Left back from Plymouth



  • Looks like another good signing on paper!

  • I would not have expected him to leave it so late!


  • Hopefully this means Leahy can now play midfield where he is better suited.

  • If not for his injury, he would probably be a regular in the Championship this season. Plus apparently he has a long throw, which is a weapon we have utilised a lot more this season. Gone are the days of Beany’s throw in against Preston!

    Sounds like a really promising signing.

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    So if Low is okay and Scowen is still out, possibly:


    Grimmer Low Taffs Earley

    Potts Leahy Butcher

    Kone Vokes Sadlier

    That still leaves out KVY, McCarthy, Taylor, Forino (if fit) and McCleary, among others.

    Our squad is feeling stronger, that's for sure!

  • I’m reserving judgement until we’ve heard from @ArgyleOz

  • Stevenage fans assumed he was signing for them. Maybe he met their manager.

  • I hope Blooms isn’t contagious, don’t want these new guys going down with the lurgy.

  • Gasroom Komedy Saxon

  • Bit of Saxon eh? Wheels of Steel, Denim and Leather. Is rock n roll football back?

  • I've just seen the reveal video on the website, is it me or does it seem like we have a right-footed left back (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  • Plymouth website has him down as a wing-back. Hmm.

  • Too right! The best left-back of all time was right-footed.

  • Chris Vinnicombe was right footed..... right?

  • I had heard a lot of very positive comments about this lad from Argyle fans long before he came to us. If they are right could be a very good signing indeed.

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    Can’t let this go unchallenged…the best left back of all time is…

    Stuart Pearce

    What would we give to have had him at Wycombe in his prime?!

  • We were lucky enough to have him at Wealdstone for 5 years. 176 appearances and 10 goals.

    The Forest folk were even luckier of course 401 appearances and 63 goals.

  • Called into action to fix the floodlights during a game once, I believe?

  • I spent a lot of time in Norwich so I follow Norwich quite closely as well

    Saxon Earley is a good player. A lot of Norwich fans were annoyed that he was sold to Plymouth

    A excellent loan for us I'd say unless he's still injured!

    If he's fit he would be in their championship team

    Definitely played as a wingback for Plymouth.

  • Are you Dutch @Brodiej ?

  • Sounds very promising, thanks @Janners

  • Yes, cheers @Janners! It's a brave new world where Wycombe and Plymouth are friendly and you know what? I quite like it.

  • I've never really disliked Plymouth tbh, I like it down around there.

  • I always quite liked Plymouth and have a couple of friends who support them, it was very much the delightful Derek Adams who poisoned the well

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