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Man of the Match - Fleetwood (H)


  1. MOTM?67 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Tafazolli
    4. Low
    5. Leahy
    6. Potts
    7. Wheeler
    8. McCleary
    9. Taylor
    10. Campbell
    11. Vokes
    12. Kone (sub)
    13. Forino (sub)
    14. Sadlier (sub)


  • It's shallow and superficial, but I'm going with Kone just for the hope.

  • I honestly think we might as well give Kone a start to really see what we have. Our other forwards could not hit a bullseye with a cannon at three paces.

  • kone easily

  • 4-4-2 please, Vokes and Kone - Vokes laying them off for Kone. Taylor to make way.

  • Forino? Someone needs to have Man of the Match explained to them or get Specsavers to pay them a home visit.

  • Potts - for somehow having to play as our only midfielder for 45 minutes, while on a yellow, and still keeping his head.

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    Hard choice today as no one really came out of today with much glory.

    Thought Kone's cameo was excellent, bags of energy & intent & a strikers goal to round it off, so maybe a 7/10.

    Grimmer, Vokes & Potts were probably 6.5/10 today, Grimmer for his captaincy & second half performance, Potts for some decent passes & hard graft & Vokes for some great flick ons etc.

    Taylor & GMac both worked hard in patches & made real nuisances of themselves in the second half & Sadlier showed why he should have been on from the start so 6/10.

    Everyone else no better than a 5/10, with Campbell at best a 4/10.

  • I'm voting for Omochere

  • Sadlier definitely did more than Campbell in the short time he was on, I realise he had an easier time of it since he was only subbed on when we were in the ascendancy anyway, but still...

  • Tafazolli again for me

  • 50 minute cameo @Erroll_Sims ? I thought that term was reserved for 15-20 minute substitute appearances.

    Koné did extremely well and I’d like to see him tested against stronger opposition.

  • Kone for the enthusiasm and goal but Vokes was pretty good too.

  • I don’t think it’s at all shallow and superficial.

  • The ref - without whom we would have lost.

  • I vote for the ball boy central to the Frank Adams stand.

    Superb header from the first miscreant ball of the day.

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    Vokes for me but great Kone goal.

  • I gave it to Grimmer for his grit and determination but Kone was good in that second half and Sadlier should have started.

  • I went with Kone. It would have been easy to have taken that miss at Wigan to heart but I thought his reading of the game, positioning and eye for goal was excellent. He needs to learn that experienced defenders will ‘play’ him a little but he took his goal superbly and was unlucky with his disallowed (legitimately) header a few minutes earlier.

    He also brought the best out of Vokes who seemed to relish playing alongside him (and kudos to the ref who actually seemed to see his shirt ripped off his back unlike the usual clowns we get).

    Also. IF (big If) we started Campbell over Sadlier because of some agreement in the loan deal that we will play the former as much as possible, everyone involved in that decision should leave the club now. MB included if he had a say.

  • I’m sure that’s not the only reason for the seeming discontent and lack of motivation within the squad but it certainly must be a contributory factor.

  • Kone actually had the ball in the net 3 times in that 45. I hope playing alongside Vokes teaches Vokes where the goal is.

  • He will be our leading goalscorer in League 2 next season.

  • edited January 27

    After the sending off Vokes led the line brilliantly. Sadlier & Kone coming on also made a difference.

    Let’s not be naive though, the damage was done and bottom of the league, 10 man, Fleetwood understandably fell back and invited the pressure.

    1 win in 17. Is he gone yet?

  • It was a bit disturbing how good Fleetwood looked at times.

    They must be absolutely gutted at that red card. Utterly killed them as any sort of attacking force afterwards.

  • Why do I suspect that their manager was more animated, complaining about the guy getting himself sent-off, at HT that MB was about the fact we were appalling in the first half; not to mention being 0-2 down.

  • Kone for me, it looks like we at last have a player who knows how to shoot. However Vokes and Sadlier very close.

  • Kone's goal literally came from a Vokes shot on target that rebounded out to him

  • Didn’t go in though right?

  • Of all the players underperforming today for me Vokes wasn't one of them but football is all about opinions right. A defence of Leahy, Low, Taffs and Grimmer shouldn't have leaked two goals and Leahy should not miss the pen that gets us back into it.

  • Vokes was decent second half but did absolutely nothing in the first. At one point he headed the ball straight up in the air, failed to get it when it came down, got mugged by a Fleetwood player, and then turned around and berated Taylor for not being on the end of it.

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