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Man of the Match - Exeter


  1. MOTM?55 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Keogh
    4. Jacobson
    5. Vincent-Young
    6. Wheeler
    7. Scowen
    8. Leahy
    9. Phillips
    10. Sadlier
    11. Vokes
    12. McCleary (sub)
    13. Tafazolli (sub)
    14. L.Taylor (sub)
    15. D.Taylor (sub)


  • Scowen, I feel sorry for him having to play in this team.

    Stryjek made a few good saves too to be fair, and Leahy tried.

    The rest were woeful.

  • Went for Stryjek on the grounds that his saves made it yet another defeat by a single goal.

    To the extent that so many defeats having been by the narrowest margin possible gives minuscule credence to the argument that turning the corner must surely be just round the corner, perhaps I shouldn’t have done !!

  • I went for Scowen just for doing Scowen things - although on reflection Stryjek is a good shout also. Incredibly slim pickings though otherwise.

  • I went for Stryek, did everything he had to pretty well and everyone else was poor.

    I’ve no idea how KVY has a reputation for being able to play on either side of the pitch. He’s no ability or desire to use his left foot and he was so desperate to get the ball on to his right foot that in most instances he’d turn away from his man and start running back toward his own goal with the ball. Not an experiment to be repeated.

  • Quite a big ask on the lad as well.

    Out injured for ages, only just back and he has to be a left wing back in an absolutely all at sea team? Doesn't scream destined to succeed does it?

  • A game as important as that, against one of the very few sides on a worse run than our own, and our MOTM contenders are our keeper and a defensive midfielder (again). Unfortunately, that is an apt reflection of the game, this season and how Bloomfield has this squad performing. It’s just a very sad situation all round.

  • Yes I think that’s a fair shout. I made the point on here a few weeks back that to make the three at the back system work you really need outstanding wing-backs. Today we went for Wheeler and KVY.

    In the 60 mins we played that formation neither offered anything whatsoever.

    The manager’s fault not the players’.

  • Was only half paying attention whilst doing other things today, but looked like a flat back 4 with Kane and Grimmer as Fullbacks and JJ and Keogh Centre-Halfs, at least in the 1st half? Kane as a traditional left back was surprising, when most where unsure if he could do the defensive side of the job on his natural right side.

  • Wheels was RW/RWB, Kane was LW/LWB, both were lamentably ill suited to the job they were asked to do. KVY looked completely lost for most of the match and he and Sads kept getting in each other’s way. Made me think of a Stradivarius being played with a couple of drumsticks.

  • edited December 2023

    Oh one thing I’d like to add about today, I’ve been extremely critical of Taff in the past but I thought he was excellent when he came on today. But that just made me more resentful of the fact that Keogh had started the match.

  • I went for Sir Josh of Scowenshire. It is his birthright at this point.

  • I couldn't bring myself to vote for anyone

  • Scowen put in his normal shift but Max gets it for preventing a demoralising and unforgivable performance becoming an embarrassing one as well.

    Awful times.

  • Happy first vote of the season to JJ!

  • He'll be over the moon

  • Went Scowen. He was a standout with a 6/10 performance. Everyone else 5 and below.

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