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The brilliance of our comms and co-comms

I know we point out during match threads how good our comms is (and during the Championship season, Middlesbrough fans who were accidentally tuned in to our comms asked if they could transfer for @bluntphil and co) but I wanted a thread to highlight just how brilliant it has been to have the players on. As far as I can tell, we have had JJ, JMac, GMac, Nick Freeman, Jack Grimmer, Sam Vokes (I think?), Jasper Pattenden, Darius Charles and others I am sure I have forgotten. From what Phil and Jack were saying recently, it sounds as though KVY may be lined up too once Grimmer is back in the team.

Player or ex-player insights are always great (the old boys like Danny Senda coming on are always fantastic) but it has been such a joy to hear from current players. I am not sure if other clubs do this (and if so, to what degree) but it really adds to the experience from afar to hear the chemistry of the different players.

I also think it may be testament to our club, so focused on encouraging individuals to be themselves, that so many current players have taken the plunge and picked up a mic. They have been fascinating to a man, and some of them could have a career in broadcasting if we ever move away from the current cliche-laden setups on other televised commentary teams!

It really is a brilliant tradition we have built up, and as someone that has to watch (almost) every game from afar, I have to applaud the club for somehow becoming even more relatable!


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