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First names on the team sheet?

As the title says, who would be the first names on your WWFC team sheet? You can only pick five from the current squad. For me:

Max Stryjek, Josh Scowen, Chris Forino, Joe Low & GMac.



  • Max Stryjek, Josh Scowen, Chris Forino, Joe Low and Nick Freeman, well, GMac. I could have just posted "ditto".

  • Leahy, Scowen, Low, Stryjek, Gmac.

    Forino a close 6th.

  • Scowen, Low, Boyes, Vokes, Potts

  • Ryan, Scowen, Carroll, Rammell, Garland

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    Stryjek and Leahy are the first names on it for me. It's astounded me how good Leahy has been. He's played 4 different positions in just a few weeks, being an immense 10 running in behind, and a fantastic CB at the weekend.

    Scowen and Vokes also make it. We're lost in the middle without Scowen. I feel we're quite weak with just 2 in there, and it'll get found out against stronger teams, but Josh does what he can with the work of 2. I've long banged the drum that if we play to Vokes' strengths, he'll get goals, and that was shown at the weekend. I don't think we've got another striker who could do hold the line as effectively as he does right now.

    Edit for a defender - probably Low right now, he's looked consistently good, whereas Forino has always been a bit patchy.

  • Stryjek, Scowen, Vokes, Forino, Boyes

  • Scowen first all day every day.

    Max, Leahy, Low next (what a steal if nominal as assumed)

    Vokes is important, he might not score every game but we look confused without him.

    Potts heading in that direction, GMac always a welcome sight too but there is that suspicion he can't actually play until he's 90 and others need to help.

    One point I would make is I think a number of other players can do a great job when needed and it's too early to write off any of the youngsters.

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    Stryjek, Scowen, Leahy, Low, Tafazolli.

    In that order. Amazed Tafazolli hasn’t been mentioned yet. When fit, has to start.

  • That's the issue though @frequentstander, when is he ever fit to last 90 minutes?

  • Stryjek, Scowen, Leahy, Low, Vokes for me...spine of the team at present. Hopefully when the newer players bed in and we are asked the question after Christmas we will be flying high and be bandying about different names!

  • Stryjek, Scowen, Leahy, Forino, Low for me.

    I think we can be more flexible with the forwards. There are times Vokes + would be first choice but other games may be more suited to Taylor+ or Hanlan +.

    The jury is till out for me on Potts and Boyes. I probably haven't seen enough of them yet but I wouldn't be too upset if they weren't listed on the team sheet at the start.

    The most pleasing aspect for me this season is just how good our permanent signings Low and Leahy look.

  • I like both players and think both are noticeably improving @bookertease in fact I thought Blackpool was the 'Potts game' 😊

  • I thought Saturday was by far Potts best game so far. I actually think he would be excellent in the 10 position with Scowen and Leahy holding. He was noticeably exhausted at the end too. Probably the biggest shift he’s ever had to put in. He will get better and better in my opinion.

    As for 5 players. Max, Low, Taf, Scowen and Vokes make one hell of a spine.

  • Max, Scowen, Vokes are the 3 absolute certainties.

    Could pick any 2 from 3 from Forino/Taf/Low for the others now.

    We've 5 defenders out and can still field a pretty strong back 5. Have we ever had such a healthy position like that squad wise?

  • I somehow forgot Leahy. What an idiot I am.

  • We do seem to have riches at the moment and a player is easily forgotten among the quality we have.

    Though he’s coming back from injury our David would always be right up there.

  • Max. Only because he is the best keeper we have had since the last best keeper we have had.

    But has to be Josh. No Josh no tempo. We need to play a high intensity and without Josh we seem to switch into pre-season friendly pace.

  • I tipped Boyes to be young player of the season on the back of the Cardiff game...(and I still think he is doing a good job) but Low has been a revelation. I would not but underwhelmed people may say Blooms has no plan B or any idea how to set up a team or use the players properly...or even that we are winning badly...but recruitment has been excellent.

  • Stryjek, Low, Leahy, Scowen, Sadlier.

  • Forgot big Chris. Def up there.

  • Interesting choice with Sadlier, not seen him play for Wycombe yet

  • Garland, Harkin, McGavin, Carroll, Lee

  • Scowen, Low, Forino, Leahy and Boyes

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    “he might not score every game” must be the understatement of the year. And I’ve seen us looking equally confused when he has been playing.

    Max, Low, Leahy, Scowen and Gmac for me.

  • @micra I usually agree with your postings but your deep seated Vokes antipathy is always a surprise to me...for me we always look a better team when he is playing and I fear Hanlan replacing him for most of MB's games at the end of last season may have cost us the playoffs.

  • Stryjek Low Leahy Scowen are straightforward, final place just goes to Vokes. However, as other people have said, come Christmas there could be interesting competition from the loanees.

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