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EA Player Ratings

edited September 2023 in Football

The EA Player Ratings for the new FC game have just been announced and the media team have just done an 8 minute video with some of the squad over their ratings for this year's FC game (Was FIFA but has now been rebranded). For those that don't play or know FIFA or FC, it's a computer game on all game consoles where you can play football as the players, pass, shoot, tackle etc.

When Bayo was playing for us, he was the only player with either 99 or 100 Physical stats which added further interest into his career and following. Some players are really interested and follow their ratings closely, other don't care.

Which players have been done over with their rating? Who would you rate the highest (at this moment of the season)?

Video is below if you want to see it.

The full list for Wycombe Players can be found here but at the time of writing this (13.16 on 15th Sept) they haven't been uploaded yet


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