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1887 updates

Hi all I hope it’s alright to post this little update. I thought I would let you know we have had deliveries of 100 small flags for the family stand and a fantastic Mr Blooms flag, also waiting for 3 new banners to be delivered to complete the terrace.

Also just wondering does anyone know the tune to “The Old Bucks Boys” goes. We would like to make it a staple of the chants.



  • The banners we are waiting for.

  • Mark Sheridan’s ‘hit’ from 1912(!) ‘Who were you with last night’ is the ‘tune’ to ‘We are the Old Bucks Boys’. Its on YouTube and it’s crap. I suggest we find a current tune that the words scan to and adopt that?

  • Might need to agree on a set of lyrics as well. There’s various different versions. Would be amazing to get it going.

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  • Without wanting to out the individual, the song has been sung by one legendary fan of the club in a state of inebriation at a home game a few years ago now. It didn't catch on then after the evangelism of the lone voice in the wilderness, though with a bit more organisation it might do. Though judging by how some of the younger supporters apparently responded to some of the older members of the crowd singing "We all follow the Wycombe over land and sea" with a bemused "you what", it might fall on stony ground.

    @MorrisItal2 - the lyrics in that Facebook post look like they are for a few different songs. The last bit might be to the tune of "she loves you" by the Beatles?

  • Agreed, no way that melody is going to catch on. Crap might be a bit unfair - from a totally different era though, and it's just not going to work.

  • Agreed.

    For some relatively low key home games (0-0 at home Burton isn't going to last long in the memory) I think the atmosphere has been decent. That is significant progress and already means the project has been a success in my view. AP isn't suddenly going to become Anfield overnight but a concerted effort to keep the atmosphere buoyant will make a big difference to the overall enjoyment at home games.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Are you 'poking the bear', @Malone ?

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    Do you think that’s why I got two 👎 after answering the question what is the tune? And offering up where to find it!

    Sometimes wonder if a couple of folk on here have an automatic negative response to any and every thing certain people post🙄

    Oh, Maybe the club shop could stock Mark Sheridan hats to really get things rocking?

  • ''Sometimes wonder if a couple of folk on here have an automatic negative response to any and every thing certain people post''

    Welcome to my world.

    Presumably, these are the same people who are playing Football Manager in their mum's basement, followed by a Pot Noodle and a big wank.

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    Holly $#*t. Talk about being hoisted by one’s own petard!

    Off to Oxfam to buy a pair of egg chuckers stained chinos 🥴

  • The "well I don't know how anyone could disagree with that" response to a thumbs down has overtaken the "cue abuse" sign off as the most tedious genre of Gasroom post

  • I got a thumbs down for a score prediction and liking Carry On Screaming. It's just a madhouse out there!😊

  • I think there should be a feature where you can click on a thumbs down, or up, to see who has disliked or liked a particular post.

    Name and shame them, that's the only kind of language these people understand.

  • And sue them, of course.

  • The absolute shimmering irony of someone conducting themselves in the manner Mr Bargey has on here, and then saying others should be "shamed" is pretty incredible.

  • I've thumbed down a few in my time but I don't want Direct Messages asking me to say that to my face at Adams Park anymore than they would want a facetious DM in place of proper argument.

  • It's the 2023 version of the old "sing up gasroom" lot menacing saying "come and see us" if you have a problem with them.

  • Honestly, I’d like the function to turn off thumbs. I did that on another hobbyist forum and it helped my mental state when contributing to controversial topics.

    I try not to give thumbs down anymore, but it is strangely addictive to see how posts get judged.

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    I was thinking earlier how Mr Legal Threat didn't get a harder time over that shameful episode. Yes, Chas went over the top sometimes, but the Gasroom is a much poorer place for his absence.

  • The gasroom soap opera is a much poorer place for the character switch over isn't it?

  • Just to clear up any confusion, I sent Chas a DM as follows:

    ''Good morning Chas,

    First of all, I can confirm that there will be NO legal action against you started by me. I don't have the time or inclination to start all that, in what would most likely be regarded by the Courts as a trivial matter.

    Your description of me as a 'slum landlord' and 'vermin' definitely crossed as line, as many posters in the Gasroom have agreed. I really don't mind all the stuff about 'piss soaked chinos' etc., that is all normal banter, but personal insults are just not acceptable.

    We are all in this forum because we share a common interest in supporting Wycombe Wanderers. There will be many different opinions on the activities of the club, the management, the players and the tactics, as well as non-football related stuff. But ultimately, we all want the same thing, a successful football club.

    You really don't need to stop posting, your knowledge of the history of the club will be missed by many members. I would urge you to reconsider.''

    And this was his dog in the manger response:

    ''Please don't contact me anymore, I have no wish to be patronised by you or listen to anymore of your right wing bile.

    My days on the gasroom are now over, so feel free to continue with your pompous elitist views that I despise, unchallenged from me. I was amongst a small group who raised money and vehemently campaigned against Steve Hayes and Wasps destroying WWFC, when the trust were notable in there absence. Personally I would give every Wasps season ticket holder at Adam's Park a life time ban.

    So, I emphasise again please do not contact me. I have no desire to have anything to do with you.''

    Make of that what you will. PS I was never a Wasps STH..

  • #teamdog

  • Quite indecent of you to share his private message to you

  • Shame about @ChasHarps really - I'll miss his fiendish quizzes and encyclopaedic WWFC knowledge.

  • Indecent? It is totally out of order. Every time I try and think I should try and accept @bargepole as a reasonable person (and fellow Wycombe supporter) they manage to plumb new depths of deplorable behaviour.

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