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Wanderers TV

Anyone know how to expand the interviews and matches to full screen? Wifey felt too rough to come down to the match today, so I paid for her to watch the match on TV from Vippienne. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't expand the window to full size. I have tried also but failed to expand the interviews etc to full screen on a different PC.

Anyone got any suggestions other than saying its crap anyway so launch the PCs out the window, I must admit after that performance . . . . . ?


  • It's the icon in the bottom right:

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    Ewan's wife has a degree in computer science from what i believe Ewan has said before.

    It seems unlikely she wouldn't have at least tried all those buttons on the bottom right.

    Must be the device(s) they're on operating differently where it's not as obvious?

  • That button hasn’t worked for me since the middle of last season.

  • Ah, potentially what's happened then.

    Is that on any particular device . model etc?

  • Ah, I wasn't trying to be cheeky. There have been all sorts of questions here regarding how-tos, and I don't always know the wife's resume!

  • Your advice came with love, i'm certain.

    And could yet be the easy win. There must be some extra little missing deet, operating system, button not working, some other glitch etc 😄

    I'm just thankful my early day issues with Ifollow seem to have disappeared this last year or so. There's nothing quite as aggravating as tech being slow / not working well.

  • iPad has the same issue - the full screen button flashes up in the top right corner but doesn’t let you click it. I also wish they would have worked on some upgrades during pre-season, particularly the ability to resume from where you left off.

  • Works on my Acer windows machine

  • Right, found a solution, but not ideal. It works on google chrome, but not on Safari! 😡

  • As an addition, the current title holder that is Mrs EwanHoosami doesn't like additions to her iMac book pro, but as it is portable & we can plug in a HDMI cable to the main TV, we/I have a problem. As such, I have to go in the general direction of the club, so I will call in and see if there is anything that can be done. 🤷‍♂️

  • The full screen button also stopped working for me mid-way through last season when using Safari on my mac, but still works if I use Firefox instead.

  • reported the issue to Ryan in the club. He said it was going to be reported to the media team & it sounded like a simple fix. Ryan did start to explain but then noticed my eyes glazing over and I explained to him that he may as well be speaking in Swahili. At which point he nodded and politely moved me on, in conclusion, if it is an easy fix, then with a bit of luck it will be sorted by this Saturday?

  • I’ve only just noticed Lionel Richie behind Phil’s head in the interviews on Wanderers TV. Not sure how long he’s been there.

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