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  • Clearly a top club has seen potential in this lad so that is encouraging. On the other hand as we know not all l.oanees from premier clubs succeed.

    Lets hope young Kian has the same impact here (and derives the same benefit) as for example young Eberechi did. All we can do is support him and wish him well.

    Smash it Kian. Whatever you do, don't go Breckin my heart......

  • Wecome Kian

    I really hope you have a fantastic season at a fantastic club.


  • The most pleasing thing here for me is how WWFC are being viewed by the elite clubs, willing to entrust us with a key chapter in his development.

    We maybe can’t compete with Derby and others on weekly wages, but we certainly can on the development of young players, so our strategy to try and attract Prem players on loan fits perfectly with our strengths.

  • His dad was nicknamed Brekinbauer.

  • A few thoughts:

    1) Another banger from our media team. We don’t deserve them.

    2) Very encouraged that he’s chosen to come here and that City have let him come here. An early feather in Scott Mitchell’s cap.

    3) It is a concern that he hasn’t played any meaningful men’s football. I know this is the way of the world at the mega-clubs, but we won’t know if he’s got what it takes until he’s been kicked up in the air a few times.

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    If he grows a Van Dyke beard we can call him Breckin Bad or something

  • And in true Gasroom tradition...there is a Nottingham Forest link.

  • Pleased with this signing and hopefully develops well under us this season. Welcome Kian!

  • Pity it's only a loan and not a permanent deal type but seems we will only be singing over the hill players permanently.

  • A superb signing of a player who was attracting interest from mainly Championship and Premiership clubs. The fact he's been given number 8 and will likely play every week has probably gone in our favour. I also think our change in style will bring us to the attention of better players and possibly different clubs.

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    Leeds and Newcastle, got that wrong then! No longer accepting comments on the article. I wonder why?

    Welcome Kian, hope you turn out great for us. Reflects very well on us as a club.

  • Let's hope he doesn't do toooo well or we'll lose him in January!

  • He'd really have to go some to get anywhere near the Man City full first team squad, you'd think - at least it's a season-long loan.

  • James Trafford was on loan at Accrington from City, did so well he got recalled and loaned to a side higher up L1 (Bolton) in January.

    Equally, if he does THAT well, we'll be top of the league by January anyway and City won't need to move him higher 😉

  • Looks like a real good signing

  • Not really @ReturnToSenda . Trafford lost his place to another Accrington GK before Christmas and was benchwarming.

  • Man City fans find it an odd choice, which is funny. They seem to think he has been sent here to learn how the other half live (tactically speaking).

    Kian Breckin | Page 6 | Bluemoon - the leading Manchester City forum (

  • My bad on that, then. Still, he did alright in the end!

  • Good shout about Darius, @BlueBoy.

    Also, I read somewhere that MB and his staff went to several PL2 games last season to watch Man City. That level of dedication has probably helped with the whole thing paying off.

    The fact it is a shock to so many people, given who else was interested, is a feather in the cap of everyone at Wycombe. Hopefully he lives up to the hype, as midfield is such a position of need!

  • No pressure but he'd better be FODEN 2.0

  • I just saw Darius has made a comment on the 'gram (I'm down with the kidz) and had the same light bulb moment

  • Some think it's a good choice.

    Others haven't realised a managerial change may mean a change in style.

    Seems odd Man City fans would have heard the supposed agricultural style. Unless they're basing it on our 1 game v them.

  • I tried to post a picture of Darius with @bluntphil on another thread recently and it was a very poor screenshot of him giving a talk in the Legends Lounge before the Exeter match. This one is a vast improvement.

    He was more or less the same height as Phil before he unleashed his locks.

    Doesn’t answer your question @BlueBoy but it would be surprising if Darius didn’t have some say in the decision to loan us Kian.

    I was heartened to read on another thread the other day that he was being put through his paces at 2pm last Saturday. Hope he comes back as the box to box midfielder that he is reputed to be.

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