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Slightly tricky Wednesday quiz

Can we name 3 players that represented the Wanderers in this photo ?


  • Is Carl Hoddle in there?

  • Andy Harman, back row, 2nd left?

  • A couple of clues to help identify the players.

    1, Think of a very successful doubles tennis player.

    2, Cub Scouts may lead you to this fella ?

  • Venus Powell

  • Close, but clue 1 is to a certain player

    And clue 2 to another.

  • Quite impressed I got close with my silly guess, considering how far before my time that photo seems to be!

  • Steve Freeman,Bobby Marcham and Dave Woodbridge pus Harman makes 4 not 3.The Elco Team that won County Cup pictured.

  • I Think I am wrong Steve And Bob not correct but I think Ian Powles played one game. He is holding the Cup alongside Dave Woodbridge.

  • Correct Dave Woodbridge 2nd left at the front with blonde perm made 2 appearences in 73/74. Next to him is Ian Powles whose only appearence was 2-1 defeat at Slough in 1980.

    Stevie Freeman of newspaper shop fame may have been on Wycombe's books at one time, but never made a first team appearence. He went onto play for Oxford City under ex Wanderer John Fisher.

  • Ian Powles from Totteridge, mate of mine from Hazlemere C of E Primary. Missed his one and only Chairboys appearance, can't remember why, but I did a Dev that day and decided to go and watch Watford, rather than go to Wexham Park. Think Andy Williams got the boot that day as well.

  • I still have my papers delivered by the Freemans - my one little treat in life. Always chat about the chairboys with them.

  • I remember Steve delivering papers in Wycombe hospital but have no idea whether he still does.

    I was going to misidentify Mickey Holifield again by asking if that was him holding the Trophy.

    I bet @Twizz was also thinking along those lines.

  • @micra, I had been wondering if the blonde curly haired fella was a young Peter Suddaby before we knew it was Dave Woodbridge.

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