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  • I agree wholeheartedly wrt to the ‘how fit you are’ but what if it gets to October and we find out he’s basically finished. You would imagine not, but it would be naive to rule it out.

  • Taf seems like he's pretty fit so that kinda kills that argument.

  • Fitness in this case meaning ability to get on the pitch regularly.

    Not a gorgeous 6pack. Or Castledine would be our fittest ever player

  • I think Garath McCleary can give Stewart Castledine a run for his money in that department

  • I actually think that MB may be thinking Ward is ready for the step up. A lot of youngsters released too. I hope we don't completely abandon the development squad.

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    Does anyone subscribe to Alan Nixon? He says he has some Wycombe rumours today.

    Edit: it’s related to Lloyd Jones.

    ”Wycombe want Jones answer”

  • 'Paul, why are you kneeling in that puddle?' pmsl

  • That’s very naughty, @LX1. I kinda got drawn in to that (and it appealed to my childlike sense of humour) but 19 minutes of it ? I don’t think so. Was pleased to bale out once I’d seen the puddle.

    About 15 years ago, mrs micra and I were assigned to a side door of the Town Hall while the brothers were making a film or video there or something. They were in and out quite a bit but didn’t even pass the time of day. A very tedious two or three hours ! We were sitting on the steps so they probably thought we were vagrants.

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    I would encourage you to watch the rest @micra. It's mental. And gets better.

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    Why were they doing something at Wycombe Town Hall, why were you and Mrs Micra there, and is this part of the whole Lionel conspiracy?

    Being 'assigned to the side door of the Town Hall' begs more questions than it answers.

    I mean I have massive respect for you as an experienced person. But I don't believe you were alive in the 18th century, when town halls had side door assignation?

  • Wycombe Town Hall was opened on l2th October 1904 so it's feasible Mr and Mrs micra attended the opening!

  • I missed this extraordinary response at the time it was made so I only have the date. The length of it suggests it was made during daylight hours and should therefore be relatively rational.

    I related what happened. We were employed as ushers for 22 years and our duties were not confined to checking tickets, showing patrons to their seats, selling ice creams and general merchandise, answering multifarious questions and dealing with difficult customers. One of the most unusual assignments was the occasion when several of us were invited to perform as extras for three nights in An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley in a National Theatre production..

    Dissuading members of the public from entering the Old Town Hall whilst such distinguished international performers as the Chuckle Brothers were doing their thing and constantly popping in and out must rank as one of the most privileged assignments in the history of ushering. But having been in the Woodland Lunge (sic) with Lionel caps the lot of course.

  • I hope you are not slighting Paul and Barry Chuckle @micra as I took my young ster to see them twice at the Swan and found them most entertaining. (I saw the original NT Inspector Calls back in the day and the revival stopped off at the Aylesbury Waterside recently. Still impressive.)

  • Of course I mean back in the 90s not back in the day when Priestley went to the first night!

  • The Chuckle Brothers were in An Inspector Calls?

    An unexpected dash of slapstick!

  • That could only improve it.

  • 22 years?! Wowzers.

    Blessed to see such legends as the Chuckle Brothers up close though.

    Did they do the "to me, to you", bit?

  • He mentioned "they were in and out quite a bit" so I'd guess so.

  • As I mentioned above, they didn’t even have the courtesy to pass the time of day, let alone any furniture. Miserable beggars.

  • Not a rumour but couldn’t find a transfer thread.

    Tyler Walker released by Coventry. Always rated him. He never really established himself as a regular starter in the Championship so might be attainable for us.

  • At least Frank Carson spoke a few words to me about ten years ago when I was selling programmes at a lectern in the foyer. He said “Ale be fonny, I was last night”. I was too polite (or, rather, too slow on my feet) to say “why, what were you doing last night?”

    We took our daughter to see him in Ilfracombe in the early ‘eighties. After the show he was sitting on a stool at the bar and we suggested to Alison that he would probably be happy to autograph the programme for her. I don’t think he said a word. Miserable beggar.

    Brian Blessed came storming in bellowing about gawd knows what. Loved him in Z Cars as ‘Fancy’ Smith and some of his relatively recent accomplishments have been truly remarkable for a man who is nearly two years older than me.

  • My Granddad was friends with Frank Carson and they used to go and watch Bristol Rovers together at Eastville

  • Ps Micra, he's been dead over a decade so I'm not sure who it was you were chatting to ten years ago 😉

  • Did anyone actually ever find the chuckle brothers funny ?

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    Originally a club act they were a kids turn. Perhaps you were not their intended audience? That Sooty never said a word I once saw him just spray water with a small hose at some autograph hunters.

  • In the caregory of a kid's light entertainment show yes.

  • I saw the Chuckle Brothers at The Swan, my son loved them, I thought they were pretty good.

    I love physical comedy, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Jacques Tati. I wouldn't put the Chuckles at their level but they made me laugh.

  • According to Popbitch, the Chuckle Brothers were famously lovely to everyone and would never badmouth other entertainers. The one exception was Cilla Black who they called "a c***".

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