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Battle of the Badges - Group D

Group C appears to be an absolute walkover for Palace, so getting this one up a little early. This one has the potential to be close!

Battle of the Badges - Group D Vote
  1. Who has the best badge in Group D?51 votes
    1. Everton
    2. Bradford City
    3. Southampton
    4. Gillingham


  • i really like Everton’s.

  • Seems I have a things for birds! Voted for Bradford City

  • I am only voting if a tiebreaker is needed, but I'll say right now it would be a tough call between the first three badges. If the draw had fallen differently these are all potential group winners.

  • Everton is a classic

  • Everton should win by a landslide

  • Everton is a classic, but Bradford’s has a chicken on it.

  • edited May 2023

    Premier League badges doing really well so far. This does present a kind of chicken or egg argument:

    1. Are Prem badges seen as better because there is more success behind them and we see them on TV more, making them more iconic?
    2. Are Prem badges seen as better because Prem teams can afford better designers to update them because of their success?

    I am wondering if it is a little of both - I did think L2 had the worst badges overall in the divisional vote.

  • It's an interesting point. I'd imagine that they "hit home" more because we are subconsciously more familiar, thus drawn to them.

    I'd also imagine that being global brands, they must have some top designers on the case. Not the case for the older badges of course.

  • None of them are really that impressive. The Gillingham pony looks like it got run over at a zebra crossing.

  • Could be the first riot here.

  • Everton lose to Southampton imho because someone's put it in a computer and ruined the iconogrophy

  • the eighties badge would have cleaned up

  • def not better designers. for me

  • everton, arsenal, tottenham and liverpool have all beeen spoilt. All had iconic badges. ruined.

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