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Rob's interview last night

What's everyone's reaction to Rob's interview last night?

In my opinion, there was a lot of talk but very little to go forwards with



  • Having read through the content on the club website, it sounds like a load of old motherhood statements and political waffle to me.

    No real news.

  • He disappears for a few months you people moan.

    He does a special interview for you people, you still moan.

    Really can't win 😂

    Though without even reading or listening, I expect

    1)Exciting summer plans ahead

    2)Lots of talks planned with game changing players

    3)The manager looks hungry with the "eye of the tiger"

    4)Hugely exciting off the field developments that will be announced in due course

  • There's people moaning?

  • I'm amazed how openly scathing Rob was on the Trust's unhelpful and obstructive imput in the running of the club during the last twelve months. Certainly not a marriage made in heaven!

  • As I said in the other thread on this topic having attended (via Zoom) most Trust meetings in the last few years if they treat the Couhigs the way they treat their members then I am not surprised he finds them unhelpful & obstructive.

    Don't get me wrong I fully support the idea of the Trust owning the stadium so as to ensure there is always a home for (a) Wycombe (team) no matter what happens to the club.

  • Now I've seen the transcipt, I noticed one of the questions mentioned a totally different family in regards to the new road. Which Rob responded by mentioning the Dashwoods - the name most of us are familiar with.

    Did the questionee get the name totally wrong, or are there 2 wealth families connected to the land behind the ground, to the West Wycombe road?

    And also, what was the guy who suggested building onto the bank behind the terrace's idea? Some monster 2 storey job?

    And what benefit would the "automated turnstiles" bring? Bar saving buttons for the wages for the 8 or so kids operating them?

    A lot of times the scanners for the tickets don't work, so it'd need something special to have these seamlessly working.

  • It can cut both ways on the Trust - if they are irritating Rob because they are acting as a restraint in directions not best suiting the club, that would be exactly what we expect of them! I am glad they are willing to stand up to RC if the occasion requires it. If they did not, there would be an equal amount of frustration about them being a soft touch.

  • If you asked ten Wycombe fans what the best thing for the club would be, you'd get 10 different answers, and the only unanimous opinion would be that the other 9 weren't real fans.

  • As regards the grass bank behind the terrace - the view from the top is pretty damn good, especially the corner by the FA stand. Do people ever watch from here? Are they allowed to? I only discovered this vantage point on a recent walk through the woods. I know a rather crucial area of the pitch, ie the goalmouth, is obscured but take a picnic along on a warm matchday and a nice afternoon could be had.

  • That Guy was my son, thought it was a good question to be far, as the talk is/was of a 2 storey terrace with seating above standing, in any case, Rob answer about moving the pitch closer to the away end, and in future a 2 storey stand down the side was interesting, Don't know what they would do with the pylon though.

  • Interesting. Always wondered how this 2 tier terrace end development would work, as there doesn't look loads of space behind it.

    But if they think there's more room the other end, then maybe that's an answer of sorts.

    At the back of my mind I do wonder about new roads, new stands, all fairly constrained by what's surrounding us.

    And whether if we want to go big and fanciful, whether a new stadium might be a better answer?

    The council showed their hands, eating up the Booker Wasps prospect, so is us moving to Booker no sort of idea?

    It was mostly the doomed nature of us being mere tenants with no prospects that was the opposition, not the location itself?

  • I did not listen as I want the new season to be a complete surprise from day one.

    I will agree to the scanners if they can widen the turnstiles for the fans who have had their dinner before they get there and struggle to get in without shuffling in sideways.

    If there are any...

  • Two tier home end a la Bradford and QPR always appealed , cantilevered up and over an undercroft walkway to the F Adams would be a thing of beauty, has to be metal, avoid the dead hand of concrete at all cost.

  • The new stand has to be built of wood, beech wood surely?

  • Rob said something about a 12000 att stadium sort of like Bournmouth have,

  • Why on earth do Wycombe need a 12,000-capacity stadium?

  • Dunno, it's what he said.... Maybe he watched Field Of Dreams before the interview.. "If you build it, they will come"

  • We don't, it's so he can get more money for us when he sells us, same reason he wants the ground ! People should not forget, he's in this for the money. It's not a love affair

  • That's a reference to the chairlift, which makes total financial sense.

  • Maybe he's got plans to hold concerts at AP too

  • The access road will see thousands more attending!!!

  • Agree to a certain extent that 12K isn't needed on a regular basis. However during most half decent League 1 seasons, I suspect we'd be able to attract 10K+ a handful of times. It gives us the option to increase the away crowd more often and we've sold out the home areas enough times in the last couple of season (ok, only Sheff Weds last season!) to think that 10-12k attendances at least a couple of time a season are achievable. I would argue that if we were competing near the top, the current capacity (9250 I think Rob mentioned the other night) isn't really sufficient, especially when factoring in increasing the away crowd for big games. Plus of course there's the odd big cup game which we'll always sell out, that come around every now and then.

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    I’m old enough to remember people saying we’d never need a 6,000 capacity stadium.

    I guess if you’ve got to rebuild the terrace at some point it won’t hurt to have a bit more capacity. It’s not like it’s going to 20,000.

  • If we'd had a 12,000 capacity stadium in the championship and been allowed to go it would have been full plenty of times

    Besides, back in the day the ground could hold 12,000 but the safety certificate was only granted for 10,000

    So we never had over 10,000 in the ground, no sir, definitely not, ever 😉

  • If the club have ambitions to be a championship club (which they do), 12,000 is not ridiculous.

    It’s not just the increased number of seats that you need to consider, it’s additional executive areas, better facilities, better atmosphere etc etc

    Its a bit lazy to just say WWFC don’t need that many seats.

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    Well obviously the entire population of Princes Risborough have been waiting to attend when the access was easier.

    Not to mention those flocking in from North Bucks when we host the Franchise in our home league games... Oh wait. Scrub that one.

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    We could easily hit 12,000 from time to time. If we had a big FA Cup game (we're due one), lots of people would come out of the woodwork, especially for a big London Prem team, or Man C, Man U, Liverpool.

    For League games, we could do it, especially in the Championship, but we'd probably have to go full-on MK and configure the stadium to house around 5K away fans. Can't really see that happening.

  • Mid-table in L1 with a crumbling stadium shows a lack of ambition by a disinterested owner looking for a way out...expanding and shooting for the Championship (even if it's not happening any time soon) is over-promising by an idiot who knows nothing about football and is only in it for the cash?

    Both the Gasroom and football club ownership are harsh mistresses!

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