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Rob's interview last night



  • Really?

    We'd have never noticed ;)

    This one almost dipped into a rare serious post.

  • edited June 2023

    Standing on the rail in front of the ‘main’ stand is recommended for those that have never enjoyed this perspective on games at AP. Not something I do regularly but, freshly mowed grass, lengthening shadows of a pre season evening fixture, an away bench thinking ‘what the ….. am I doing here’ it really is a thing of beauty. I particularly enjoy an opposition free kick that goes spectacularly wrong “training ground move?” I enquire of the apoplectic assistant manager as he turns to kick the dugout wall - one takes one’s pleasures where one can.

  • One Gasroomer's attempt at winding up Ken McKenna (on the Morecambe coaching staff) by suggesting to him his claimed goal at Wembley for Runcorn in the 1993 FA Trophy final had indeed crossed the line was impressive.

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