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Battle of the Badges - Group Stage Draw

Here is the draw for the group stage, with 16 groups of 4. Only the winner from each group will advance, and votes will take place daily (and I will hold to the full day a lot closer, now that we are done with the elimination round).

Pot 1 = Mostly PL and Champo clubs who did not receive a single elimination vote.

Pot 2 = Mostly L1 and L2 clubs who did not receive a single elimination vote.

Pot 3 = Mostly PL and Champo clubs receiving 1 vote, and most of the remaining roundel badges.

Pot 4 = Mostly Champo, L1 and L2 receiving 1 vote, plus the four remaining clubs who received 2 votes.

Initial groups based on Pot 1:

A = Brighton

B = Chelsea

C = Crystal Palace

D = Everton

E = Leicester

F = Newcastle

G = West Ham

H = Blackpool

I = Coventry

J = Huddersfield

K = Middlesbrough

L = Norwich

M = Sheffield United

N = Sunderland

O = West Bromwich

P = Accrington


  • Pot B Draw:

    A = Brighton, Bristol Rovers

    B = Chelsea, Wrexham

    C = Crystal Palace, Notts County

    D = Everton, Bradford

    E = Leicester, Barnsley

    F = Newcastle, Morecambe,

    G = West Ham, Crewe

    H = Blackpool, Sheffield Wednesday

    I = Coventry, Plymouth

    J = Huddersfield, Ipswich

    K = Middlesbrough, Port Vale

    L = Norwich, Grimsby

    M = Sheffield United, AFC Wimbledon

    N = Sunderland, Leyton Orient

    O = West Bromwich, Exeter

    P = Accrington, Northampton

  • Pot C Draw:

    A = Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Shrewsbury

    B = Chelsea, Wrexham, Forest Green

    C = Crystal Palace, Notts County, Tottenham

    D = Everton, Bradford, Southampton

    E = Leicester, Barnsley, Reading

    F = Newcastle, Morecambe, Aston Villa

    G = West Ham, Crewe, Liverpool

    H = Blackpool, Sheffield Wednesday, Stockport

    I = Coventry, Plymouth, Brentford

    J = Huddersfield, Ipswich, Hull

    K = Middlesbrough, Port Vale, Charlton

    L = Norwich, Grimsby, Manchester United

    M = Sheffield United, AFC Wimbledon, Newport

    N = Sunderland, Leyton Orient, Nottingham Forest

    O = West Bromwich, Exeter, Stevenage

    P = Accrington, Northampton, Manchester City

  • Pot D Draw:

    A = Brighton, Bristol Rovers, Shrewsbury, Lincoln

    B = Chelsea, Wrexham, Forest Green, Swindon

    C = Crystal Palace, Notts County, Tottenham, Carlisle

    D = Everton, Bradford, Southampton, Gillingham

    E = Leicester, Barnsley, Reading, Mansfield

    F = Newcastle, Morecambe, Aston Villa, Preston

    G = West Ham, Crewe, Liverpool, Colchester

    H = Blackpool, Sheffield Wednesday, Stockport, Blackburn

    I = Coventry, Plymouth, Brentford, Barrow

    J = Huddersfield, Ipswich, Hull, Burnley

    K = Middlesbrough, Port Vale, Charlton, Wolves

    L = Norwich, Grimsby, Manchester United, Luton

    M = Sheffield United, AFC Wimbledon, Newport, Watford

    N = Sunderland, Leyton Orient, Nottingham Forest, Sutton

    O = West Bromwich, Exeter, Stevenage, Tranmere

    P = Accrington, Northampton, Manchester City, Stoke

    This concludes the draw, and I will have the Group A vote up today.

  • A couple of groups of death in there, based on my taste, and a couple of underwhelming ones.

  • Groups L & M could cause riots

  • I like L especially of the two. There always has to be that Barca/Bayern/Inter/Random Romanian Club group.

    I think my favourite personally is H, though I prefer Wednesday's 'Outline Owl' badge better than the current.

  • The knockouts will be titanic - there is nothing like those summer evenings under the lights for a badge battle.

  • Yeah Wednesday's badge was better then for me. But possibly biased by my age.

  • Group C is very tasty. I think the eventual winner is in there but could conceivably go out in the group stage

  • Watch the Football! ⚽ | That Mitchell and Webb Look - BBC - YouTube

    Apologies if this is 'old news' but I've just watched this for the first time and wet my pants

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