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Battle of the Badges - Group B

It's shields v roundels in Group B!

Battle of the Badges - Group B Vote
  1. Who has the BEST badge in Group B?53 votes
    1. Chelsea
    2. Wrexham
    3. Forest Green Rovers
    4. Swindon Town


  • Don't love any from this group. Going Swindon for the train, although the inclusion of German in the Wrexham badge is a nice touch.

  • I went Wrexham, nothing to do with all the love in for them atm. Just think it's a pretty decent badge tbh

  • Ich dien is connected to royalty.

    I like Swindon’s train. Got my vote.

  • Looks like Chelsea's won't win, but I don't think it is too bad as roundels go, because of those pops of red.

  • easily Wrexham for me. Title contender

  • I think that's another interesting aspect of this - when we did the 'which EFL club do you like most outside of Wycombe' tournament a few years back, it was obvious fairly early on who the favourites were, and it perhaps became a bit predictable as we got to the head to heads. Whereas with badges, I think it is going to be a lot less predictable.

  • One thing is the amazing ability for animals to hold footballs, and other objects

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    I think MB may need to sign the Forest Green lion and unicorn if he really wants to play a possession based game. They both have a nice first touch, you can tell. I doubt they would be on high wages, though that crown can't have been cheap.

  • LX1LX1
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    Chelsea are one of the few badges that have changed and improved (returning to tradition). As an eighties child I grew up with a lion mounting a 'CFC.'

    I suspect the 'big 'clubs' will suffer in this vote due to alliegences

  • yeah, Wrexham. Many clubs use shield crests badly - this is a rare example of one done well.

    The shape of the Swindon shield annoys me for some reason.

  • I'll let this one run a little while before it being official as we are at 41 votes compares to 55 in Group A, but I feel pretty safe in saying the winner of this group is Wrexham, and I will work on getting Group C up.

  • Can I register a vote for none of the above? They are all pretty naff.

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