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Quick Quiz for Private Eye Readers

The satirical magazine Private Eye has often featured spoof match reports, detailing the trials and tribulations of the ficticious Neasden FC. Can you answer these 10 questions?

1. Which launderette magnate is the owner and chairman of Neasden FC?

2. What is the name of their stadium (capacity = 2)

3. Name both of their fans

4. Who is the manager of Neasden FC, often described as 'ashen-faced' after yet another defeat?

5. Which league do Neasden FC play in?

6. Who is their 39-year old one-legged striker, who holds the league record for own goals?

7. Which club are their deadly rivals in local derbies?

8. Who is 'Your Man in the Pressbox' who files the match reports?

9. .....

10. .... that's it.


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