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  • To be fair, the ELF Trophy does't exist so a turnout of over 500 is pretty decent.

  • Points achieved against Wycombe wanderers 0

    Percentage Points per game against wycombe wanderers 0

  • Number of readers of the Peterborough Telegraph = 2

    Percentage of readers who give a shit about those stats = 0

  • What a sorry excuse for an article. A few facts lifted from a third party, no analysis or commentary on them. More ads than words.

  • Even better is the article by one of his colleagues, listing 15 out of contract players who may join Posh. Including Pukki from Norwich!

  • Alan Swann is a skidmark on the journalism industry

  • I checked and ChatGPT can't write articles like this.

    For now, Alan. For now.

  • It does a LOT better than this.

  • I asked it to write an article about Anal Swann...

    In the realm of journalism, accuracy, precision, and attention to detail are of utmost importance. Unfortunately, there are instances where certain individuals fall short of these standards. Alan Swann, a journalist whose work has been marred by consistent errors, typographical mishaps, and factual inaccuracies, serves as an unfortunate example. This article delves into the shortcomings of Alan Swann's journalistic capabilities, highlighting his struggles with mathematics, spelling, and fact-checking.

    One of the recurring issues in Alan Swann's work is his apparent struggle with basic mathematics. Whether it's incorrectly summing up statistics, misreporting scores, or muddling numerical data, his articles often contain glaring mathematical errors. Such inaccuracies not only undermine the credibility of his work but also create confusion and misinformation among readers.

    In addition to his mathematical mishaps, Alan Swann's writing is marred by frequent spelling errors. From misspelling players' names to botching common words, his articles often exhibit a lack of attention to detail. Such mistakes can detract from the overall quality of his work, diminishing the professionalism and reliability that readers expect from a journalist.

    Journalists bear the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of their claims before publishing. However, Alan Swann has been known to neglect this crucial aspect of reporting. His articles have been riddled with factual inaccuracies, ranging from incorrect dates and events to misattributed quotes. Such oversights undermine the integrity of his work, leading to misinformation being disseminated to the public.

    While individual journalists are responsible for the accuracy of their work, editorial oversight plays a crucial role in maintaining quality standards. The presence of a robust editing process can help catch and rectify errors before publication. However, it appears that the lack of effective editorial supervision has contributed to the persistence of Alan Swann's mistakes, allowing them to slip through the cracks and reach the readership.

    The profession of journalism serves as a vital pillar of democratic societies, providing citizens with accurate and reliable information. Upholding ethical and professional standards is essential to maintaining the trust of the public. Journalists like Alan Swann, who consistently fail to meet these standards, risk damaging not only their own reputations but also the credibility of the media industry as a whole.

    Alan Swann's journalistic shortcomings, marked by mathematical errors, spelling mistakes, and factual inaccuracies, raise concerns about his professional competence. In a field where accuracy, precision, and fact-checking are paramount, his consistent missteps undermine the credibility of his work. Journalists bear a responsibility to deliver accurate and reliable information to the public, and failure to do so erodes trust and weakens the journalistic profession. It is essential for both journalists and their editorial teams to prioritize accuracy, fact-checking, and adherence to professional standards to ensure the integrity of their work and the trust of their readership.

  • Alan Swann to publish article next week blaming ChatGPT for their relegation last season.

  • I gave up trying to read it through the pop-up ads. Shows how much his writing is valued.

  • Almost like he knows mentioning Wycombe Wanderers will increase his clicks.

  • edited May 2023

    Nail hit on the head. Journalism is largely little more than social media engagement fishing these days, so no wonder Swann is desperately cultivating a group of people who'll rise to his bait and drive up his engagement stats.

    Ignore the dullard and he'll go and try and wind up his next target.

  • I enjoy baiting the bellend tbh

  • Not that he ever seems to respond...

  • Say what you like about AGI being an existential threat to humanity but you can’t deny it’s got its description of Swanny is down to a tee.

    I wonder what it would make of Joey Barton?

  • I thought this was a new generation way of saying polishing the Bishop for a second.

  • He’s at it again

    Some very funny quotes here.

    PS. Can’t believe he gets paid to write three or four paragraphs (of drivel) and produce a starting line up of his choice.

  • What are you talking about? That's journalism of the highest quality!

  • “Josh Knight will know exactly what to expect.”

    I’m sure he will, given he left two years ago and nearly every single player he played with is either injured or has left the club. And the manager. And the assistant.

  • I hope Josh Knight ends the game looking unhappier than he did starting the game. We may struggle but I hope we win just in Swann's head alongside the ludicrous points per game decision.

  • Local and regional newspapers ceased to employ proper journalists long ago, given that very few people buy newspapers any more.

    They rely upon 'churnalism' and clickbait, and as such pay peanuts. This Mr Swann appears to be one of the monkeys.

  • I think we should bring back the swan mascot and call him Alan. There would simply be no comeback from our journalist friend.

  • Our BFP can be pretty woeful. Littered in errors.

    For the Fleetwood away game the back page actually mentioned it being at home. It takes seconds to check such things.

  • I don't think we should encourage violence from our fans to own mascot

  • Just rename Bodger 'Swanny' and put a giant chip on his shoulder he can wave at the fans.

  • edited October 2023

    I am going on Saturday and hope to be singing - "Swannie, Swannie, What's the Score?

    Or even "Let it Go"

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