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How Times Change

The top three in the Great Escape season with current status:

  1. Chesterfield - National League (playoffs)
  2. Scunthorpe - National League (relegated to North for next season)
  3. Rochdale - L2 (relegated to National League for next season)

Southend and York were also in the top seven, and are both National League teams.

The three who duked it out to avoid relegation on the last day:

  1. Wycombe (League One)
  2. Bristol Rovers (League One)
  3. Northampton (League Two, but two points from promotion to League One)

I know there are always examples like this in football, but it is still rather ironic when you see it.


  • It’s a very sobering picture @Shev 🤔😳

  • Good stuff @shev. Enjoy the good times.

  • Indeed. I was thinking the other day about how that Championship season with no crowds is like an itch that can't be scratched, but then realized that the main reason to be in the Champo (excitement wise) is to play all those big clubs - and in L1 we have played the likes of Sunderland, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Bolton, Barnsley and so on, so it is not like there are no big occasions! Some of the clubs who have dropped down are big even at the Championship level.

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