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Favourite goals this season

Not GOTS, but FGOTS....

I will start...

- Mehmeti vs Peterboroufh at home. That Mawson run!

(Closely followed by Gape vs Barnsley)


  • All three goals in the Barnsley away game were delightful.

    Also, Gmac away to Forest Green and Scowen's sweet strike against...Accrington maybe?

  • I was standing right behind GMac in line with his shot at The New Lawn. It was a sublime goal and a privilege to have observed.

  • Gmac at Forest Green and Gape at Barnsley

  • Gape v Barnsley. Watching the ball heading towards us very unexpectedly from such a long way out and then dipping into the net gave such a magical feeling!

  • Scowen on the first day of the season against Burton was a belter.

  • Another vote for GMac's trivela

  • And Hanlan v Ipswich

  • I, too, was perfectly positioned behind GMac on that terrace at Forest Green and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

    We all realised that ball was ending up in the top corner long before their goalkeeper did

  • I’m going for a slightly strange one.

    Vokes vs. Sheffield Wednesday.

    We were run ragged after the goal, but that goal confirmed what I knew deep down already - we had a player in our team that was so good I was nearly in disbelief.

    Probably the best assist I have ever seen from a Wycombe player. It’s my favourite Anis Mehmeti phase of play in a Wycombe shirt because it was showing off attributes that he didn’t appear to have prior to 18 months of great coaching - the clever use of his body strength & the excellent decision / timing of the pass. A real coming of age moment and proved he was certainly too good for League 1, as he shrugged past the league’s best player (Barry Bannan) and the rest of his promotion-contending team mates like it was nothing.

  • edited April 2023

    Just to clarify. I wasn’t ‘right behind GMac’ (I was on the terrace not the pitch!) seemingly standing very close to @eric_plant who I have never met. But he is spot on in that we knew it was in well before it crossed the line.

  • Dom Gape at Barnsley.

    Gareth McCleary at FGR.

    Lewis Wing v Bolton (surprised no-one has mentioned that one yet. The last goal of the Ainsworth era 😢).

    Any one of half a dozen scored by Anis. Wouldn't like to choose between any of them.

    Brandon Hanlan v Ipswich and at Port Vale.

    Best headed goal - Chris Forino at Charlton.

  • We have scored so many absolute bangers these past two seasons. 19/20 and 20/21 were a bit meagre for outstanding goals (despite the amazing promotion) but these past two have been incredible.

  • Maybe we need an 'Assist of the Season' too, given Mehmeti's numerous efforts and Mawson's two memorable contributions (laser to Forino's head v Oxford and long run down the win v Peterborough).

  • Not necessarily “goal of the season”, but I enjoyed it anyway.... another Anis special at Fleetwood. Facing us on the touch line, two defenders covering (as always). One quick swivel of the hips and an abracadabra later, he’s gone past his men like they didn’t exist and slipped it beyond the despairing dive of their startled keeper. Just the kind of magic you need to ease the pressure of playing 80 minutes with 10 men.

  • I also enjoyed Mustard not Custard’s ‘couldn’t hit a barn door’ worldie at The Horse Punchers. Watch and weep Joey lad.

  • I would consider a side rabbit trail of "best goal against us" but I think that got wrapped up with a nice bow this weekend.

  • Probably Mellor's first for us in the 4-0 opening day win against Burton Albion. Gets the ball wide left, beats two men and then (instead of slicing it so badly it goes out for a throw) calmly slots it under their keeper. Not only did this give him the confidence to score the goals that have given us such success this season, but it also meant we weren't tempted to rush Sam Vokes back into the first team before he was fully fit. I'm sure this has contributed to his late season form.

  • McLeary vs FGR for sheer technical brilliance. But for favourite moment, I’d have to say Anis on day 1 vs Burton.

    The way he danced through the opposition half, shrugged off multiple defenders and then buried a rocket into the bottom corner showed that we really had a player on our hands who was about to make the leap that we all hoped he might.

  • Either of those two times Wingy walloped it in from a corner routine. Absolutely sublime.

  • Freeman against MK was another beauty.

  • That is amazing - that it’s finally surfaced. I’ve only just had my first read of this thread and it has been at the back of my mind as I kept seeing repeat after repeat (and rightly so) of that superb strike (trivela) by McCleary against Forest Green.

    Freeman is well capable of scoring spectacular goals. Wing no doubt has the edge but then he’s had ten times (?!) as many opportunities.

    Surely you mean Mehmeti. I began to think we’d been underestimating Mellor or that I’d had a concerning level of memory failure!

  • I believe @floyd was speculating on events that may have occurred in an alternate reality (perhaps the one @LX1 visits at 2am.)

  • I think @floyd meant Wheels, as I remember the goal with how he described it.

  • No, @Chris has it correct, we only beat Burton 3-0, but Mellor had a great chance near the end. What is life without whimsy?

  • Crikey.

  • To be fair, I sometimes like to live in a reality where Horgan scores against Rotherham.

  • And some unseen magnetic force doesn’t bend the ball round Stoko at Wembley

  • I vividly see that as a career sliding door moment for the lad.

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