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Hands up who secretly thinks the season is over



  • I’d actually put that down to 3 Ram, you Wycombe and us (Bolton) I don’t think Posh will make it. I think the top four are pretty odds on, although we play Ipswich at the Reebok this weekend and if we beat them we go level on points so although they have a game in hand it pulls them back. Wednesday are a shoe in to win the league for me and I think Barnsley may yet pip Argyle for the other automatic as they’re on a stellar run with games in hand. Obviously the top teams have to play each other on the run in so things can change but after a week on Friday when we play The Owls we have nobody in the top half to play. It’ll certainly be an interesting few months and a very close run thing but you like us already have the points in the bag which Wycombe have yet to get plus we both have better goal differences. The pressure is on and for sure one of us will miss out so the next week or two should indicate who. 🥴

  • We've got fans of Bolton and Derby who regularly contribute to the Gasroom: are we... Are we massive now?

  • I'd like to think that's more to do with our culture on the Gasroom. We welcome good comment and fair analysis no matter who you are. I would take exception with Franchise though.🤣

  • This is true. I feel a bit sick reading most other forums!

  • I’m still waiting for the 19/20 season to be over. Fingers crossed we beat Coventry so that we can reclaim our place in the play-offs.

  • It still seems surreal that ‘little old Wycombe’ (sorry Rob) are seen by our (ex Prem) competitive set as equal rivals. I know the stats support this supposition but if you remember changing ends at half time when 0-1 down to the likes of the Metropolitan Police it does feel like a dream.

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    My formative football-watching years were the mid-00s, so it's still quite crazy to me that we're well on course to finish above Charlton for the fourth straight season. I know they've spent most of their history outside the top fought, but hey still feel Premier League-ish to me.

  • I was mincing around the port city of Liverpool in the north west of England today and came across this graffiti. Secretly thinking League season is over? nobody. Nobody at all.

  • I am glad Sam's graffiti gang are still active.

  • The Chinese one below is very witty tbf. True if you think about it

  • I like it ! No problem with other fans coming on here, as long as they are not complete dicks (like the Cheltenham lad a few years back) .. and these arent

  • Thank you, I assure you I don’t come on the thread to annoy or insult anyone and I consider you just as much an equal as any other football team. What you’ve done in recent years is outstanding and I’m sure all true fans respect the way you’ve done it. I’m probably of an age where fans actually spoke to each other at games and could appreciate the good and bad on both sides. Anyway if I’m in the way I’m more than happy to disappear if required. 😉

  • Was that the epic rEdANdWhiteFoReVer, or some annoyingly written username?

    I'm convinced he was one of the many dual account merchants on the gasroom.

  • And who could forget the lovely @argylephil!

  • Shout out to the Wycombe loyalist who contributed to the 'Art of the Terraces' exhibition at the Walker gallery (ends on Sunday if anyone is at a loose end this weekend).

  • Just have that horrible niggle that we miss out of playoffs on goal difference 🙁

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    You are more than welcome. You seem a decent chap/chappess, and Bolton are much admired around here too. @Raminpeace is also welcome, though he/she does have the misfortune of supporting a less popular opposition club round these parts!

  • Made two visits in 2015 and disappeared up his own

  • @micra put manners on the poor lad

  • I was too shy to complete the sentence but discovered shortly afterwards that @Erroll_Sims had used that very phrase. I’m in good company.

  • The football equivalent of the mythical Oozlum bird.

  • I think it’s good to get views from the other side sometimes shev and see how others view your team, we’re all fans at the end of the day and as long as it’s respectful a bit of dialogue or even banter makes for some fun. Clearly you, Derby and ourselves are now going to fight it out for a top six spot so it’s good to get a perspective of how the other side sees it. It’s a big weekend coming up for all three of us and I’m sure we’ll all be looking at each others results avidly. We all want promotion but we probably can’t all have it this year but even if we miss out there’s always next year and as a Wanderers fan we might not have been able to say that a year or two ago? I think the way you treated us during that time earned your club a lot of respect with Bolton fans, unlike some of our local clubs, the pie eaters especially, so we do wish you well and hope that we both pip Derby to the play offs? Sorry Raminpeace!! 🤗

  • The name gives the gender away @Shev ;) it's Raminpeace not Eweinpeace :)

  • Faking your identity on here could have severe ramifications...

  • Derby have 3 tricky games to come, Posh and Wendy away and Ipswich at home, . I'd like to think we can get 6 wins and 2 draws from the other 8. That would see us on 81 points plus whatever we get from the 3 harder games (although there's no/few easy ones in L1).

    Bolton have Wendy, Ipswich and Plymouth in their next 3 plus they've played 1 more game than us and 2 more than Wycombe.

    Wycombe have Barnsley and Ipswich as difficult games.

    Looking at the run ins we have, I think it will come down to the points hauls we get from our more difficult games. Hard one to call but I'm going Derby (surprise, surprise) and Wycombe.

  • Will you be meeting the good burghers of Wendy @Raminpeace?

  • Ah, thanks! Raminpeace also has both Rami (generally a male name) and Ami (generally a female name) in it, so I could not be sure.

    Raminpeace is also an anagram of Anime Recap, Crepe Mania and Crap Meanie, so I thought you might be alternately a teenaged comic enthusiast, a chef, or a nasty piece of work.

    But then it is also an anagram of Anemic Pear, so I thought maybe the harvest was just not very good this year.

    But then it is also an anagram of Maniac Peer, so I thought you might be a crazy person exactly my age.

    But then it is also an anagram of Marine Pace AND Airmen Pace, so I thought you might have a military background.

    But then it is also an anagram of Camera Pine, so I thought you might be either sadly missing your lens, or have hung it in some branches.

    You really are quite a complex and mysterious character!

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