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Essex apes new manager odds

As has recently been noted, a lot of the time these are just bookies throwing in some likely names and seeing what sticks, so not something to get hung up on. But…

No more ex-Wycombe candidates please…this means you:

Adam Hinshelwood

Mike Williamson

Neil Lennon

Kevin Betsy

They can have Lambert though, never really warmed to him and didn’t miss him.


  • Ross Embleton (ex-Orient manager) is currently the caretaker manager.

  • Not sure if you were aware but he is a European Cup winner !

  • Paul Lambert was quite hard to warm to. I was walking my dog at the Holmer Green ground on a hot August day during the period when Wycombe were using it for training. I made some inane comment about it being too hot for football and he looked at me briefly but answered not.

    I probably wouldn’t have understood him if he had.

  • He was probably quite startled to be training with a pro club at a venue any random could wander into with their dog.

    I know he didn't really like to talk about it, but I believe he won the European cup once.

  • LX1LX1
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    In contrast to fellow Scot, John Gorman, who always had time for a chat. Which gives me a (tenuous) excuse to re-tell the most surreal experience I've had at a football match. Due to snow we had arrived late for an away match at Mansfield. Having been to Field Mill before I confidently hurried with my mate to the away end and got in just after kick off and joined in lustily with the 'yellows! yellows!' chants. It then dawned on me that Mansfield played in yellow and we were playing in blue. Since the season before Mansfield had switched the home/away ends and we were in the home end. I discreetly informed a steward of my mistake and he kindly led us through the snow to the 'new' away end past the dugout's where John Gorman and Steve Brown were directing the troops. Whilst Browny looked at us wide eyed as if we were from a scene from 'I.D'., I said 'alright' to John Gorman who gave a little chuckle and replied 'Aye nice day for it lads eh?' Then Gus Uhlenbeek scored.

    Real football stories. No need to make up stuff about Lionel Ritchie at Adams Park. Real life beats fiction

  • I was once a 4th Official at Marlow's ground for a Wycombe U18's or 21's match against Norwich and Lambert was orginially watching from the crowd. There was a tight call for a throw-in and suddenly Lambert was in my face, shouting and moaning about everything that night.

    When he finally stopped for air, I got out Norwich's teamsheet and told him that he wasn't named anywhere so he could go back to the crowd or I get the ref to abandon! As he walked off, I then made the comment, 'Does it feel good shouting at a 16yr old?' Dickhead

  • Standing near the dugouts in front of the main stand at a mid week AP game about 30 mins before kick-off, my lad and I were conscious of this chap standing next to us as we drank our cokes and scoffed our mars bars.

    We didn’t take much notice until a friend came up to us and said that’s Lionel Ritchie.

    Didn’t like the song he sang later on in the FA stand though.


  • Funny how it seems.

  • Can we get Lionel to play a fundraising gig for the Frank Adams roof?

  • I once spent a good hour before a gig remarking to my mate how the bloke DJ-ing looked just like Jarvis Cocker.

    Neither of us twigged that it actually was...

  • Any story @LX1 where ‘the flying Dutchman’ is the denouement is well worth the telling. Always loved Gus.

  • I'll always remember him for his ability to pull off endless niggly fouls all whilst retaining a broad grin on his face at all times, which must have cheesed off the recipients of said fouls no end.

  • I saw our reserves play at Reading once, (in a game where Rhino must have been twenty years older than anyone else playing) and Gorman stood and passed the time of day for a good few minutes. One of the game's real gentlemen.

  • My son-in-law went for a pint last night after playing 5-a-side, as you do. Rhino was in the same pub in Flackwell having a drink with friends too.

  • I remember him committing one of the worst challenges ive ever seen. He went in studs up into someone's neck area. Got away with it somehow. Exciting player to watch because you never knew what he was going to do next (good or bad). Definitely better at attacking than defending!

  • Are you sure on the timings?

    My memory, which is probably utterly wrong, was that he'd done his song and disappeared long before I even got anywhere near the ground that night.

  • Sorry this isn't relevant to the thread (I couldn't give a fig who they get) and not relevant to the Mighty Blues either but the Lionel Ritchie story reminds me that I once saw Boris Yeltsin at a Wycombe bus stop.

  • LX1LX1
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    I remember it as him doing the song at ht in a box at the Valley End of the FA. The terrace was pretty full anyway. You couln't hear it on the tannoy, I think it was just for tv. So you may not have even realised it was happening.

  • Lionel Richie was a guest on Watchdog who were doing a feature on the price of football and therefore filming it from AP as there was a game on. It was a Friday night (v notts county iirc). In the stadium it wasn’t really obvious he was there but he performed his song on the tv broadcast from one of the boxes as mentioned before.

  • I like the sound of this, Ben Garner was a big flop at Charlton, although to be fair that club is a bit of a basket case on the ownership front:

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