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The Wanderer - out tomorrow!

It’s January and it’s vital we now make the right additions with what little money we have available. So, as you head down Hillbottom Road tomorrow, make sure YOU make the right addition, by snapping up a copy of the latest edition of The Wanderer, which can be all yours for an undisclosed fee (of £2) unless you are a member of WWISC, in which case it’s a free transfer.

Send your scouts to the WWISC stand, on the left hand side of Hillbottom Road, just before you reach the Adams Park gates and they will send back a glowing report on 56 pages of Wanderers wit and wisdom, including an interview with former Chairboys international defender Mark Rogers.

Come and get your copy, before the window slams shut!


  • Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy of The Wanderer yesterday and also to all the WWISC volunteers who sold before the game. We still have about 30 copies left, so don’t panic if you missed out one.

  • The 30-35 remaining copies of the latest edition of The Wanderer will be on sale tonight from the WWISC stand on Hillbottom Road. Get in there quick before they're gone! If you see a fanzine seller looking cold, please buy them a cup of tea!

  • Can you pay by card?

  • I don't think you can unfortunately.

  • You can get the basic Square cardreader, £21.50 on Amazon. No contract needed, connects by bluetooth to a mobile.

  • @username123 Thanks mate, I'll pass that on to the committee. I know it has been talked about before, so hopefully we may have something in place for next season perhaps. Not my call to make alone, but I'll definitely put the case forward. Thanks again.

  • Card readers would be a great addition.

    I so rarely carry cash these days and invariably kick myself whenever I pass the fanzine sellers.

  • Also fairly easy to join wwisc and then you can collect for free each time or pay a bit more and have it delivered

  • Would definitely buy one if you could pay by card.

    Never carry cash these days.

  • Thanks for everyone's input on this - greatly appreciated. The WWISC AGM is coming up, so I'll put forward a proposal to invest in one or two.

  • Not only do a lot of people no longer carry cash, but we forget the contactless limit is £100!

    I tried to pay for my car service, £258, using contactless. Neither I nor the guy I was paying could initially work out why payment don't go through.

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