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Inspiral Carpets

For those that don't know and are interested the Inspiral Carpets are playing the O2 at Shepherds Bush on April 15th. Tickets selling fast. Also at Oxford.

Inspiral Carpets Tour Dates & Tickets 2023 | Ents24


  • Not sure people will get back from Morecambe in time

  • Saturn 5 (points off the playoffs)

  • No Tom Hingley, no Martyn Walsh and no Craig Gill (RIP). Barely counts as Inspiral Carpets anymore.

    They're hardly the worst offenders but there's too many bands passing remnants off as the real deal and charging premium rate for tickets.

  • The Sugarbabes of Manchester, the Ship of Theseus of turgid Mondays wannabes

  • Love the Ship of Theseus reference, and applies perfectly.

  • Interestingly none of those three were founders of the band in the 80's.

  • This is how it feels to be Col U,

    This is how it feels to be small.

    This is how it feels when your team wins nothing at all.

  • When the tribute band are better than the originals, as with The Feelgood Band and Dr. Feelgood, then something is well out of kilter. Dr. Feelgood no longer have any original members and have lost that original 'Canvey sound', unlike the tribute band. Any other tribute bands better than the 'originals' ?

  • The most famous case of a partial band carrying on the name must be Fleetwood Mac, and considering it was the drummer and the bassist, it is quite incredible that they ended up being far more successful than during the Peter Green years.

  • True, though neither was Clint Boon who I think any fan would agree is integral to the band's sound. Those missing members were all part of the 'classic' line-up of the band and played on all of their peak-years records.

    Some bands can have a complete overhaul and remain excellent - Napalm Death spring to mind - they're as good as ever - while The Stranglers only have JJ Burnel left and are a very pale imitation of their classic selves.

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    The Fall. 60+ members in 40 years. Though I suppose The Fall was really just Mark E Smith plus some other people, as the man pretty much said so himself.

  • Showaddywaddy only have drummer Romeo Challenger left.

    Former frontman Dave Bartram manages them, but no longer takes to the stage.

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    Tribute bands I've seen that are better than the originals:

    Fool's Gold - Stone Roses tribute band, saw them supporting actual Happy Mondays at Brixton. The singer could actually sing.

    Bjorn Again - played the Sunday morning slot at Reading Festival the morning after Nirvana's legendary headliner. Obviously not better than Abba, as that would be mad, but better than Abba have been for a few decades and a hell of a lot of fun.

  • The Sugababes are the Triggers broom of pop.

    I had a very drunken evening in Oldham at Clint Boon’s 40th, back in the day. Bizarrely, the bloke who played Mr Bronson in Grange Hill turned up as he was in Manchester at a Star Wars event. He walked into the bar and everyone hid their fags 😂

  • Kraftwerk are on tour this year. You get to see one original band member plus three others check their emails for a couple of hours.

  • Doubt he makes an idiot of himself on Twitter either.

  • Bad Manners only have Buster Blood vessel, and he's only half the size he used to be.

  • A mate went to see Madness at a gig, and there were only 3 of the original band present (but this was a one off, it's usually 6 out of the 7).

  • What about a famous four piece band that ended up as two lineups, only one with an original member, plus an appearance in the High Court?

    The greatest music documentary ever made in my opinion.

    ‘The feud raged from Butlin’s to the Falklands’.

  • Used to be a good photo of him on the walls in Finn McCouls in Wycombe if I remember rightly.

    Think he had a gastric band that worked well for him

  • And the lead singer wasn't even a Mancunian apart from being there to go to Manchester University- - his dad was an Oxford don! A bit different than sean Ryders dad who was a postman as was Ryder himself I think. The surreal thing though was that Bezs dad was a top copper - detective in thr GMP.

  • 'From the Jam' are a good turn, though I think Bruce Foxton is the only remaining member...

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    Yes Foxton plays a mean bass still, the drummer Topper Heaton stopped touring a few years back. Obviously Weller was never part of it but the lad singing and playing lead sounds more like Paul Weller than Weller ever did!

  • I think you mean Rick Buckler the Jam Drummer. Topper Headon was the Clash drummer, whose band riducled the Woking boys in there 'Burton Suits'.

  • Stand corrected @ChasHarps , it was late, still is!

  • I've seen from the jam a few times in Liverpool, they've played the Cavern and it was always a great night, then they moved to a bigger venue which was ok.

    They play the olympia in 3 weeks which is next to the old grafton club. £38.50 a ticket seems a bit steep though.

  • I've seen From the Jam a number of times and they are pretty decent. Although probably seen Mr Foxton more times in his lengthy spell with SLF.

    Another band well worth seeing with a different frontman are The Undertones. Paul Mcloone doesn't have the aggressive delivery of Fergal, but a slightly more camp version. But it seems to work, and you can appreciate what a wonderful band with great songs The Undertones are.

  • Feargal too busy saving our rivers for warbly singing these days @ChasHarps

    I liked the Clash but I always thought 'turning rebellion into money' was exactly what they (and all the others were doing) Burton suits or not!

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