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Green Football Weekend

Whilst a good move on paper - does building a new road and running a 12 foot long BBQ put us top of the league?


  • We could send the fireworks back to Spain with the Spanish supporters and drop the fireworks in the sea along with all the kerosine we are letting off into the atmosphere.

    We could then pretend that we are saving paper on tickets with our new online ticketing system, but not realising that fans use 50% battery trying to find said tickets on their phone at the ground, resulting in more phone charging. And then we could cut down some trees to expand our terrace. Then when we get to Wembley, we could make 20,000 A4 sheets of blue paper with the chopped down trees that fans can hold up for 5 seconds and then throw them on the floor.

  • I really can’t see that road ever happening. I think the Couhigs will be off by the summer.

    Better spend the money on manning the kiosks and renovating the disgusting toilets. Not a good experience at all.

  • edited January 2023

    It does seem hard to see this mythical road ever coming to pass.

    The fear would be the uptake in using the road might not be great either, or is only used by the people who were going anyway!

    How do you judge whether it's actually been a success? Although it might increase the capacity allowed, that'd be one obvious benefit.

  • It's a success if it speeds up access to and (mostly) from the ground. It's a success if a few people who would have come once , tutted a lot and never come again return, it's a success if it allows us to expand should we need / want / be able to at some point.

    Wether it is worth it is going to depend on the cost and is ultimately going to be very difficult to measure unless we do go up again and some level of future expansion happens.

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