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PNL spot-fixing investigation



  • I agree that it is an extraordinary amounts. But to give Denise Coates her dues, she has at least remained a UK tax resident and hadn’t found a way of dodging what she owes.

    That said, it is an abhorrent industry

  • As I always say when I get into these debates on betting and gambling, cards on the table first (no pun intended) I work in the betting industry. it is all very well people wishing for all sponsorship from gambling companies to end and for an ethically “clean” company / industry to take on these sponsorships. Perhaps one of you promoting this idea can suggest an industry that are ready to pump hundreds of millions of pounds into sports as the betting industry currently do.

    The truth of the matter is that if some law was passed now or in the foreseeable future, without the betting industry money being pumped into football, pretty much every team below the Premier League would be facing financial oblivion. It may not be perfect for sport and betting to be so inextricably linked, but like I say, what industry is going to step in in their place?

  • Without the betting money the clubs would just simply pay less wages which in turn would make football more affordable for the working man/woman.

    A win for everyone.

  • Without the betting money the clubs would find an even more morally dubious way to pay mega wages.

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