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  • Given that he spent the 10 or so minutes before that yellow smashing everyone on the pitch, it certainly looks suspicious.

  • This doesn't sound like the brightest sting of all time does it?

  • Can't really see if this is just a set of fans identifying a bloke being an idiot or something deeper, if the supposed intel was shared online I'd expect it to be picked up fairly easily.

  • I don't gamble, but I sense whacking £200 at 8/1 on someone to get booked is generally considered a bit dodgy...

  • I would have thought that a safer bet would have been for the PNL not to score.

  • If loads of people were placing that bet, maybe. But not just one guy.

    It's not even like it was in a certain period of the game, so surely 8/1 is fairly long odds for a player getting a booking? Unless it's a Gary Lineker style clean player.

  • Such blatant cheating needs to be clamped down on. They should award Arsenal a 3-0 win.

  • @Malone seems to have hit nail on head here. 8-1 on a league one defender playing against international forwards seems pretty generous.

    £1600 hardly seems like a major betting scam either.

    shock horror I know but could it be the Daily Mail isn’t quite telling the truth?

  • For a bit of comparison, the longest odds on Bet365 for a Southampton defender being booked tonight against Man City is 4/1.

    Brown has been booked 4 times in 22 games this season, 2 in 13 last season. If I'd been looking at a bet for that game then 8/1 on him being booked would have taken my interest (definitely not £200 though!). It does seem strange if that was what was offered if it was an any time booking bet.

    Maybe conincidence but Bet365 seems to have removed the option to bet on specific players to be booked other than in the cup and Premier League. Sure it is normally a standard offer so might be linked.

  • I've been forwarded a screenshot of the supposed Whatsapp messages between Ciaron Brown's friends. You may well respond claiming it's 'fake', but it has receipts on when the messages were sent, as well as Bet365 accounts with £1000 bets on Ciaron to get booked. Again, it could be photoshopped, but why would anyone do that? It certainly seems very clear it was match fixing to me.

  • Wish I’d put £200 on Anthony Grant or Tommy Doherty to get booked each week

  • Wycombe 2 Cambridge 3 makes a lot more sense if you assume the lads had a tenner on it.

  • We had to throw some games in the early part of the season to make it fair.

  • Gambling is rife in football and sport in general. The monies they earn out of people is extraordinary and the age of normalised gambling is absolutely ridiculous. I generally avoid TalkSport but when I have to listen to their match commentary I die inside with the repeated in match betting updates that you receive. I think back to the voice of Peter Jones and his delivery of football commentary when I was young and to hear that punctuated by 'Arsenal 3-1 on scoring the next goal, only on, official betting partner of blah blah' is like putting a pair of specs on the Mona Lisa. And now every kid listening to that match is having gambling normalised. There are two lads in front of me in the FA who sit with their dad and both having betting apps on their phone and the three of them discuss their gambles.

    And we wonder why players get sucked in. How many more lessons do we need?

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    Are you in Block R by any chance?

    At a recent game, there was a dad and 2 sons I saw from a distance literally screaming with joy staring at a phone watching what I assume was horse racing.

  • Ivan Toney could be the next big one - charged with 262 breaches now I think

  • Nice of the FA to take ages investigating it so he could get a few quick fire games in over Christmas.

    Although getting injured scuppered that.

    What was Kashket's ban, 3 months in the end?

  • As someone who is only in the UK every couple of years, it's shocking how ubiquitous gambling adverts are. You can't sit through a game without Ray Winstone inviting you to spend a few quid on who'll win the next corner.

  • I'm surprised it's not much bigger in the US

  • So would i to be honest, but sports betting is only legal in 21 states, most of those only very recently, and in some of those states you have to be physically in a casino to do it.

  • Heroin. When the fun stops, stop.

  • ’That’s why SkySmack allows you to choose a shoot-up limit, allowing you to stay in control’.

  • Most possible outcomes don't sound that far fetched, it's just a case of will that exact thing happen on that occasion. Mostly they won't and the house wins. Generous odds are just part of the marketing. If they can hook someone who doesn't mind losing a bit regularly on the off chance of a big win every so often, or a problem gambler with some cash tucked away (or access to cash) they earn a fortune.

  • FWIW I would ban all sports related gambling, but recognise that as the money talks it is nigh on impossible to achieve. However I do think it is perfectly possible to outlaw gambling sponsorship of sporting events & competitions & also to restrict or outlaw "in-event" betting; after all in my youth they managed to rid sports of association with both tobacco & then alcohol...

  • 100% agree. The tobacco and booze ad restrictions were ostensibly because sport was being used to bypass the laws about advertising to minors, given that both have a legal age limit. Why does the betting industry get a pass on this? I wonder if it has anything to do with how close so many MPs are to the betting industry.

  • Didn't the head of bet365 just take home the biggest yearly salary ever or something?

  • I agree. I don't think there is any coherent argument in favour of allowing betting companies to advertise and sponsor shirts, tournaments etc as they do now

  • A paltry £230 million and this should tell you all you need to know about gambling.

    When gamblers complain about what top footballers earn, circa £25M for some of the top earners, you have to laugh at them providing a salary nearly 10 times this to the bet365 owner.

    Gambling is a cancer for all sport.

  • See following report re various MP's

  • 0h dear that went wrong!

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