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Away fans in the Woodlands video

I appreciate the club trying to defend the almost indefensible, but i think i'm more ticked off about it now than i was before.


  • It’s ok showing netting and the shut doors providing a ‘barrier’, however it clearly didn’t work.

    There were groups of Ipswich fans moving down from the away blocks who were just finding and taking empty seats in the home blocks.

  • So did the netting not go all the way to the bottom of the stand? Can't have been a very effective row of stewards either!

  • We understand now there appears to have been Ipswich supporters in the Frank Adams, however we know these were people who purchased tickets on our site without our knowledge in home areas. This can happen for any game with any club, we always do checks with the away team and no accounts matched with Ipswich on this occasion.

    I can’t stress enough - there is no situation where away supporters with any away tickets would have been allowed to move into a home area. If you have any seat details for non-home fans you know were in home areas I am happy to investigate for future games!

  • Stewards should be informed immediately, if they haven’t noticed themselves! Away fans in home areas should be ejected immediately from the ground. A crack ‘A’ team of stewards should be deployed in these ‘sensitive’ areas.

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    For those who don't have 5mins to view it. I'll summarise

    "cashy cashy"

    I'm just joshing. Reasoning is very understandable, but just needs a few little tweaks to iron out the issues and upset.

  • Easy on paper, always harder in reality.

    There was a guy in the home end utterly off his face on booze a few months ago. He kept falling on those around him.

    After the marshals went and had a word for the 5th time, they finally moved him on.

    And that was just a solo bloke in the home end. Dealing with packs of away fans high up a stand is always more awkward.

    Especially when most stewards are just young kids.

  • Why? What in that video makes you more ticked off?

    The fact that we don't sell enough tickets to home fans to make this unnecessary?

    As Ben acknowledges Ipswich fans still bought tickets in home areas - that would increase if we didn't increase their allocation and try to minimise any need for their fans to go rogue.

    We presumably already limit the system so that you can't just create a new account and buy in home areas on a one-off basis, without some kind of vetting @btg93?

  • Fully aware that (amongst many) this is my least popular opinion on here but I still believe that football should be ashamed that there is a need to segregate supporters of different teams to prevent violence.

    If you don't feel you can sit amongst opposition supporters without wanting to fight them then you shouldn't be allowed to go to games

  • Decent effort from the Club imho. Many clubs wouldn't bother to do this video.

  • I find it very disappointing that we’re putting a short term cash gain ahead of a long term investment in our own fan base. If we can’t sell those seats it would be preferable to give away a couple of hundred tickets to local schools for every home game.

  • Agree entirely. It's not a problem that is going away, but definitely shameful.

  • Quite few fair weather folks from my work went to the Ipswich game, one lady took her two sons and on the Monday said she wouldn't go again due to the absolute car crash that was the FA that day.

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    It's an interesting discussion about removing segregation ( though I can't see it ever happening). I reckon after a difficult few weeks everyone would settle down and it would be fine. As has been pointed out, r8val fans freely and happily mix pre and post game. It's the segregation itself that creates aggressive behaviour.

    Worth noting that at World Cups and euros fans are basically unsegregated and there is no problem there. (The exception being Russia in Marseille but that was a unique and planned attack which segregation wouldn't have prevented anyway)

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    Fans can generally mix before and after, but there's no game on.

    It's the emotions of the game, and different in the heat of the moment reactions that lead to the need for segregation.

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    Aye agree. But how does it work in the World Cup? People behave differently when they aren't segregated

  • Makes a mockery of the English hooligans fallacy if you think about it

  • Good work from the club. Especially when the game is already well on the way to a big turnout.

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    I'd say it's less of an issue at international level as there's rarely the same level of animosity that so widely exists between club fan bases. Then again, even though major tournaments aren't segregated, qualifiers etc. are 🤷‍♂️

    I'm trying to think of major club fixtures without segregation in the modern era (loosely) and I'm sure a Merseyside derby in the FA Cup at Anfield not that long ago was mixed? Even with that being a 'friendly' rivalry, it still seems surprising that would be allowed. Liverpool v Celtic in the UEFA Cup in 2003 definitely was mixed.

  • Excellent news. Delighted that the club reads the Gasroom 😀

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