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Cameras in the Dressing Rooms for the Portsmouth game

This on Hampshire Live:

"Portsmouth and Wycombe Wanderers have reportedly agreed to allow Sky Sports unprecedented access to both dressing rooms that will allow viewers to watch pre-match and half-time team talks"

They are quoting from The Mail online which I can't bring myself to post a link to - apologies to any regular readers of that particular outlet with particular viewpoint.

Here is a link to the Hampshire Live article:

I wonder if we will be treated to Sky on the big screen at half-time, or will as many as possible be watching on phones.


  • Isn't our half time talk: "Well lads. Remember to boot it forwards and absolutely NO direct simple passes to one of your teammates."

  • Looking forward to the microphones picking up Gaz saying to Dobbo “can you believe they want £130 for one of those jackets in the club shop?”

  • Is nothing 'sacred' anymore? For the EFL manager surely those few moments with the players are some of the most precious in terms of tactics and motivation which is all built on a relationship of trust. Surely they wouldn't want a fly on the wall, let alone thousands of flies including scouts listening in (or feel they have to give a 'fake' team talk). Money talks.

  • Wonder if Gaz will accidentally spill the beans at half time that Thommo is actually out for the entire season.

  • They have no choice as it’s agreed between EFL and Sky.

  • He should set up his band in the changing room for some free advertising and have the half time team talk in the Vere

  • Bloody hell. I was just going to type the exact same thing. Scared now.....

  • Fly that New Orleans chap in and get him to do his spiel straight into the camera.

  • As bad an idea as this is, I’m looking forward to the uproar on the Facebook page when we’re 3-0 down at the break and Ainsworth tells the players he’s proud of them.

  • "Let's show those miserable bastads on the gasroom how well we can play"

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    I am assuming this is another game I will be unable to use my season long wwtv pass for...

    going to have to get a 1 day Now TV Sports pass again...

  • Also reported they'll have enhanced audio "listening" to the players during the game and available to the pundits for half/full time analysis.

    Should be fun ....

  • Turn down the volume for Grimmer, please.

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    I think I’d rather be a bastard.

    I assume @Malone that you are talking about the band. And I might not begrudge my old friend @eric_plant such an outrageously high number of thumbs up if I understood the relevance of the specific ditty he mentions.

  • Thanks for that, @LeedsBlue. That’s brilliant. Particularly enjoyed the expression on the face of the beardless David Mitchell lookalike.

  • 'Overseas' viewers will be able to watch the game on WanderersTV too!

  • I made the full use of your inverted commas and watched from 'Estonia', though sadly us international travellers weren't blessed with the EXCLUSIVE half-time content which this thread alludes to. So how were the dressing room insights?

  • Thaks @bluntphil - watched from "The Netherlands" again, as always enjoyed you & the wonderful Brian Jeeves on commentary.

    Nor bothered about the "extra content" just hope the club got extra fees for it.

  • Was at the game so clearly didn’t watch on Sky. What were the extra interviews/pitch microphones like? Did they add to the experience or detract? I hear Danny Cowley refused the opportunity in the 1st half. Any truth in this?

  • The comms said 'let's have a chat with Danny cowley', and he was clearly busy and waved it off. Wasn't as stubborn as its been made out.

    The added experience was fine. You didn't hear anything really from the dressing room. It was worth it to see how angry Cowley was at HT.

    There was talk of the captains being mic'd up, but that didn't happen.

    JJ was on comms in the first half, but seemingly eas using a tin-can and string. It was odd as the general comms were half interviewing him at dull points.

  • Hmm, doesn't sound as if it was a great success so won't hear howls of derision if Sky decide to drop that idea?

  • I know which dressing room I’d rather have been in at half time.

  • Wasn't there also talk of the Ref having an open mic?

  • I was a bit unwell this weekend, so ended up watching on Sky instead of going. I had the game on from kickoff to say 15mins post game, and must admit I didn't notice anything particularly different?

    Must have missed the new features!

  • I recorded it and have been watching it in 15 / 20 mins instalments through yesterday and today. When I did some reading around this, I thought that there was going a clear difference from normal Sky Games and there wasn't. While there were more interviews with players and "senior" members and the briefing that the referee gave at teamsheets (which was completely staged outside as it always happens in the changing rooms with all the other officials) there wasn't really anything different.

    Gareth wasn't interviewed at all during the game, Cowley was once (and failed once as he waved them away). The dressing room cameras were pointless as they didn't show anything that normal fans would expect (ie Cowley being finger-pointly at half-time, Gareth being positive at full time). It was built up to be quite disappointing tbh

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    The whole concept is daft. They can't have the audio as it'll just be a bunch of "do we effin want it, who effin wants it" type nonsense (if you've ever seen Harry Kane's utterly woeful "rousing" speech on youtube, think along those lines".

    And interviewing managers mid game just seems a daft concept too. As if they're going to be giving their tactics away mid game.

  • There was a chap with one of those mics for listening in to distant conversations walking up and down the touchline for the first few minutes of the match, then someone, who I presume was a Sky colleague, spoke to him and they both then sat down and watched the rest of the match.

  • Cowley at half time, for those who missed it...

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