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Leicester's Pitch

Candidate for best patterned pitch in Premiership? Real tartan touch.


  • Desperately willing Leicester to complete their astounding achievement. They've revived my interest in the PL again after many seasons of not really caring. Whenever I see Vardy my mind goes back to that day in 2011 when he tore us apart in the FA Cup up at Fleetwood.

    Also, it will be great for Robbie Savage to be proved wrong after ranting on that Leicester (his old club of course) had absolutely no chance of winning the PL, on 606 a few months ago.

  • Not really sure what relevance Robbie Savage should have on any debate. For me the only blight on Leicesters success is those horrible noise making devices given out to the crowd. The club should be deducted points for these. They have no place in football.

  • Where's the klaxon when you need it?

  • yeah yeah, Monday morning and all that.



  • ❤️

  • Those klaxons make them sound like simpletons.

  • edited April 2016

    Even now, every now and then I still see some kid walking down Hillbottom Road with those awful inflatable chopsticks with Lo* printed on them. I blame the parents.

  • Who is he? Apprehend him next time you see him and report him to a steward. Disgraceful behaviour.

  • This reminds me, I saw a group of late teens hanging around sipping from cans of Stella on Saturday having what I can only presume they'd describe as "banter" with any Wimbledon fans who walked past.

    One of them taunted a Dons fan by saying they had a "shit kit". What was said taunting Wycombe fan wearing? That's correct, the pink and purple checked goalkeeper's jersey from last season


  • You couldn't make it up.

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