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Match day thread: Barnsley



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    What an absolutely fantastic result! It sounds very much like it was an absolutely fantastic performance too. I think it's the result and performance we all needed to lift our spirits.

    Sensational scenes from Dominic Gape, rolling out his best David Beckham impression. Also, how good is it to see Nick Freeman get a goal after all he has been through. *Doffs cap.

    I love Gareth Ainsworth's post-match quote that the "performance has blown me away." Me too son. To think we can play this well with so many of our key players missing has got to be cause for encouragement.

    My biggest worry since Wembley has been wresting back the momentum lost from that defeat. The Burton Albion result and performance proved to be something of a false dawn but this has a different feel. The return of Sam Vokes against the Addicks next weekend and we could be looking at back-to-back victories.

    Lastly, that was a seriously impressive debut from Max Stryjek. I will be more than happy if he keeps that up for the rest of the campaign. I feel a TACRITE coming on. COYB!

  • just in case you’re not aware, Bristol City is Wednesday night.

  • The most bitter post match you'll read in a long time. 'Even in League one', 'five years older', christ alive

  • Well that’s more like it. Many posts like that and you will have to change your nom de plume!

  • We've been criticised for only scoring rubbishy goals before, now it's as if scoring quality goals is somehow a fluke?

    Doesn't mention that we should have scored one off the post from 2cm out though does he? No, put it down to "worldies" as if it was all some out of context, against the run of play smash and grab!

  • Bishop who .. ?

  • Didn't we beat a Michael Duff side last season 3-0 if I remember correctly?

  • Only just seen this, but I could have said ... hope everything comes together today 🙂

    It sure did in the end!

    Must be something in the way Mehmeti moves 🙂🙂

  • Good stuff @NewburyWanderer.

    Maybe you need HELP. Mind you, if we had lost it may have been a ‘hard days night’.

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    There are a few lazy Wycombe clichés in there, but he was clearly fuming with his own team and I don't think there's that much wrong with his comments. Our starting 11 was 4.3 years older on average tbf...

  • Great result and never really felt threatened though we needed a couple of great saves from Stryjek.

    Wasn't expecting it to be so easy and the 2nd half was a joy to watch, looked like scoring everytime we attacked.

    Good atmosphere in the away end and happy the drum wasn't there but glad to see the drummer was.

    Only negative was going to pick the 5 tickets up I ordered on Fridayaround 2.15pm, after queuing for a good 20 mins in the collection queue I had a feeling something was up as the Wycombe fans ahead we're having problems, basically they said no tickets had arrived but try the other queue which by now would of been a good half hour wait, after explaining what's the point if they haven't arrived and can we just show proof of the email confirmation we have they said No.

    Thankfully after waiting around and a bit of back and forth a lady managed to sort out some duplicates after taking some details and we got in just in time for kick off.

    Mistakes happen and if they have been misplaced or just human error I can live with that, they said they normally arrive with the team bus but today they hadn't.

  • Season not over after first four games? Who knew?

  • Just back after being out for the day, know nothing other than I’ve seen the short highlights and the goals looked great and a couple of really good saves by Max, as well as what looks like some positive posts on here!! Great days work Wycombe!

    Interested to know the following if anyone can answer?

    How did Mawson look for sharpness / match fitness etc, and also how did Max play overall? Really hope it was more than just the good saves I saw, for example is he quick of off his line / commanding / positives etc?

  • I am preemptively saying that the EFL have an anti-Wycombe bias if that Gape goal does not make the Goal of the Season shortlist.

    There, I found something to complain about!

  • Mawson looked good, one little error with an header in the first half but looked solid overall.

    Max looked confident, held everything, showed great reflexes tipping a close range shot over the bar in the first half, only one error I remember was a poor clearance but nothing came of it.

  • Mawson doesn't look 100% fit yet but had a good assured game winning a lot of balls.

    Max appears quietly confident. Didn't hear him barking orders at the defence but he didn't make any mistakes and seemed to know when to go off his line and when to stay. Good handling and has a good long kick (shanked a couple but doesn't matter).

  • Three amazing goals. We’ve surely already seen the goal of the season from Dom.

    I didn’t see the result or performance coming at all. Such a dramatic difference from Tuesday night.

    I thought the quick ball forwards worked well, with plenty of good movement and interchange of position from the front 3. Much more effective than the slow build up, followed by a cross field ball to Grimmer’s head that we saw on Tuesday.

    Looked more stable with a 3 in midfield as well.

    Arguably the biggest difference was a couple of good saves and catches from the keeper. We could easily have shipped a couple of soft goals again without that and it might have been a very different story.

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    Looks like it was an extremely fluid front 3/4 with no clearly designated CF? Nice.

  • Max made a couple of great saves, one of them exceptional, but other than that I don’t think he had a lot to do really. Need to see him deal with a few other situations before making a call, but that one brilliant save was good enough to make me feel quite excited about his prospects.

  • Interesting reading the Barnsley forums. All seem to agree that they were beaten by a better side.

    Bitter interview from their manager.

    "Even at league one level....",

    "Poor body language" (your job to get them up for it pal, not their fault!)

    Also referenced our average age - what's that got to do with it??

  • Gutted to miss todays game, how did Max play ? what was his distribution like ? did he command his area?

  • There was a controversial moment soon after when Aitchison looked to have squared from the byline perfectly for Devante Cole to slide in at the near post but the striker looked to have been wiped out by his marker. However, the referee was nonplussed. 

    It will have been down the other end but I have no recollection of this second half incident (before our second goal) described in the Barnsley match report.

  • If had to use our average age as an excuse, just as well Bayo and Stockdale weren't still in the team then...

  • The mention of the age was to point to their players that an older team had shown more pace and fight. That's a compliment to the Wanderers and from the short highlights, it was well deserved.

  • That jumped out at me too, as we had a clear view of it on WTV and it was a nothing burger.

  • @bluntphil really touching interview post game with Nick, thank you.

  • I love Nick Freeman.

  • This was an amusing comment on their forum considering all the carping about lack of transfer business at this end:-

    "I understand the chair boys have now completed their transfer business while we still arsoning about"

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