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Gasroom 2.1

Hey kids. This is your new look Gasroom. Things of note...

  • Quoting is now much more space friendly - @AlanCecil and @micra I think you'll like it
  • You can finally upload images - just in time for everyone's Wembley pics
  • The site is now responsive, so it should work on any screen size (personally, I have it zoomed in a bit Cmd+plus on a Mac, dunno how you do it on Windows) including mobile
  • It should be a lot faster
  • The thumbs function now contributes towards the "Best Of..." feature in the menu up top there. Highly upvoted posts will always be easy to find. Moderators get an extra button too called "promote" which is basically the equivalent of 5 votes or something, so we can help highlight particularly useful posts. Too many downvotes and a post will self destruct. Or something, I don't know what yet. I trust you all to be grown ups and use these features responsibly.
  • All the old posts are there, but the new version stores the data slightly differently, so this means quotes in old posts still look like they did before, and emoji in old posts is broken, which you'll notice especially in the Wordle threads.


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