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When does everyone think we'll achieve safety?

Would be a shame if it was up at Boro and we weren't allowed in


  • Final day of the season, coming back from 2 down to win 3-2 in the dying minutes.

  • Bournemouth at home, isn't it? Can we throw in their players getting sent off for brawling....with each other?

  • We will be relegated and Peterborough will be all set to take our place.


    financial irregularities at the Posh will be discovered,
    Darragh MacAnthony will be fined £1.74 million,
    League 1 will unanimously vote to invalidate their promotion,
    we stay up at their expense,
    and Alan Swann will be found alone, weeping and reeking of booze, in a Cambridgeshire gutter.

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