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Torquay 1 Boreham Wood 2

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Torquay having spent several summer holidays there as a kid many many years ago. These days the football club, like the town it represents, is in pretty dire straits with no manager, boardroom resignations and strongly rumoured severe financial worries. So it was a pleasure last night to join an impressive 200 or so Plymouth supporters, perhaps 40-50 from Exeter and a number of other shirts dotted around in a show of support for a fine community club currently suffering.

In truth the game wasn't much. Torquay, confidence shot from shipping seven at home, just hoofed it and were well beaten by an adequate but nothing special Boreham Wood team. Not a lot of quality on show although Kamdjo, having joined on loan that morning, oozed class sitting in front of Boreham's defence. If that is a reflection of his usual standard, he will be playing at a higher level before long (I guess the fact he cant get a game for Forest Green suggests it isn't). Junior Morias was an unused sub.

And so what now for this 100 year old history, an entertainment outlet for perhaps 1500 people every fortnight and a potential vital marketing tool for a struggling town, well the future doesn't look bright. Rumours that they need to find 400k to see out the season - a lot of money no doubt - but perhaps put in context by the fact that that is how much Man Utd players will earn this morning. this afternoon they will earn the same again. A 100 year history, a vital community asset allowed to whither and potentially die for the sake of 1/2 days wages at one premiership club, that gentleman is simply obscene.


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