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Danny Rowe and Jason Banton sign

Both signed news just in


  • Banton on a one year deal and Danny Rowe on a three year deal

  • Awesome additions, plus Rowe can play in midfield so don't see us being to short in the centre of the park, but a Saunders type in midfield would be the icing on the cake.

    Nico or Saunders on loan oh yeah.

  • Excellent news about Rowe. I was disappointed that he did not get more game time last season, so for him to come back must mean he still rates the team. He could play the Josh role or drop into defence. GA has done good...again

  • Gaz quoted in the BFP today
    β€œHe has a few friends here, they told him what it was like and I think he’s also seen that we develop players, make them better and they go onto bigger and better things. I think Jason wants a piece of that."

    Surely one of those friends must be Nico? As they were together at Arsenal ?
    Maybe team mates again in the future ??

  • In his Player interview he says he spoke to Nico who spoke highly of us but no hint that Nico might be returning.

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