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Odds for 2019/20.

Wycombe 50-1 to win League 1 next season. Sunderland are the 4-1 jollies closely followed by Ipswich.

Bolton at 25-1 despite starting on -12.

Rank outsiders are Accrington, Bury and Gillingham at 66-1.


  • It's a little crazy that Bolton are considered twice as likely to win the division by at least 12 "real points", than for us to win it at all!

  • I've bet on Bolton to go down. I got 3/1 which I think is great value given the deduction and lack of an entire first team squad.

  • Depends on whether they "sort themselves out" , potentially a buyer could clear debt and unify fans and then they are a massive club in this division. On that basis and with a signing or two and some momentum its not impossible at all that they win 4 more games over the course of the season that we do. If a wealthy buyer doesn't appear soon the odds will drift massively.

  • You can get 100-1 on Bolton to win the league and 20-1 against them getting promotion (compared to our top price 66-1 and 16-1)

    given the uncertainty in respect of Bury and to a lesser extent perhaps Bolton, most bookies are holding back on quoting relegation odds but have to say our odds of 10-3 (rating our chances of staying up higher than 75%) does seem surprisingly generous.

  • If you think that we're losing key players, and unlikely to get much in, a 75% of staying up does look extraordinarily generous.

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