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Oxford away final day

At least we know we'll get three points if we need them to ensure promotion or survival.


  • good first and last game for us in the list

  • What a Farce as usual. Barnet away Saturday 15th August, Morecambe away Tuesday 18th August. Just no logic at all is there.

  • Brilliant Boxing Day and New years games at home so can escape the visiting rellies at least twice get'in

  • we're away on Boxing Day

  • ah I see what you mean, the bank holiday monday one. As you were

  • Luton away on Boxing day and Oxford away on the final day are the standout game.

    Also good that with Pompey away as well we should have no issues with limited away ticket allocations as we did against Northampton and Wimbledon.

    August fixtures look very winnable. With a good start we could easily find ourselves with ten pts or so from the first 5 games.

  • Feb could be a tough month.

  • tricky November as well

  • Leap year as well

  • all in all a very good fixture list - local games over the Christmas period, not far to travel over Easter either, a home game to start and what a superb ending to the season! Trips to Morcambe and Yeovil on a Tuesday night isn't great, but the fixture computer always throws up some weird ones like that

  • The seaside season. Avranches and Morecambe away in the summer

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