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WWFC New history site. (awesome effort Phil)

Not sure if this is the finished article but check out the site.


  • Excellent stuff, one request - would be nice to download the whole season's worth in a big Zip file, but this is awesome stuff

  • Magnificent stuff. I knew that a select band of veteran Chairboys were in the process of scanning in a collection of old WWFC related cuttings, fantastic to see the fruits of this labour being made freely available to Chairboys and girls, as well as all football fans.
    A terrific service that really does deserve our thanks and congratulations. I look forward to seeing any more clippings that are made available. I'll just have to be careful that I get at least some work done in the office now...

  • It ain't a wig, how many more times .......... at least I suppose I am gone but not completely forgotten

  • Back online now - good to see.

  • This is an absolute stonking gem if a site. Congratulations for those involved.

  • A magnificent effort. I first started supporting the Blues (no-one used the nickname Chairboys then) in 1970, and the cuttings from the early 70s bring all the matches back to life. The BFP and MW were literally the only sources of information in those days, and I can recall some of the headlines, and sections of the reports, almost word-for-word.

  • Interesting side-issue raised by Mr NW there. In the 1960s/70s old traditional club nicknames, particularly those relating to prominent industries in towns, came to be seen as unfashionable, and backward-looking. Despite no prompting from the football club, The Chairboys nickname was revived in the 1980/90s largely thanks to the efforts of a relatively small band of supporters.

  • edited September 2015

    Without wanting to out you Buzz, you had no small part to play in the repopularisation of the Chairboys nickname! Not just nicknames, but I believe our famous quarters were also considered outmoded in the 1960s and were replaced with the plain light blue tops, blue short and light blue socks. Fortunately the quarters were reinstated to commemorate our final season at Loakes Park and have been kept ever since (with one dishonourable and more honourable exception).

  • Back to the topic in hand, if anyone hasn't been on the website for a while, the match reports for a wider range of seasons has recently been uploaded thanks to the heroic efforts of the site admins and those who scanned all the old cuttings in. Chairboys and girls everywhere, fill yer boots!

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