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Sports Centre junction.

Can anyone explain to me the logic of the recently set up temporary 3-way traffic lights outside the sports centre. The normal traffic lights have been switched off to accommodate these. From what I can see, the phasing of these temporary lights is exactly the same as those to which they are substituting; so, what is the point?


  • the power for the original lights have been disconnected!

  • And moved 35 miles to the north

  • Sounds to me like the original lights may be broken? Don't exactly need to be Sherlock to come to that conclusion.

  • Thanks for the comments and I'll go for the one that says that the original lights have been disconnected. As excavation work is being done in the vicinity I would presume that they do not want to risk the underground services being compromised (it could still happen) the temporary lights are the perfect solution as the operating systems are all above ground level. If the original lights were broken then there would most probably have been someone by the control box doing the fix as is often the case. Elementary I would suggest.

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