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Gasroom 2 six months old

Dr Congo et al may I say that having used G2 for six months I think it is easy to use and fulfils all we need for our Gasroom.
Thank you for you super work.


  • Yep - I think now more people are setting up gmail accounts with fake names the place is starting to get going a bit.

  • Out of interest, what happened to plans to change name to MOW.

  • Agreed. Only minor gripe is not being able to view polls on iPhone. Did anyone come up with a solution to that?

  • I much prefer this Gasroom compared to the previous one as you can't hide behind anon!

  • If the quote function worked on safari browser, it would be perfect. Ok on safari mobile though.

  • I think the quote function doesn't work in "Full Site" mode at all, regardless of browser - I use Chrome and it doesn't work. In fact, in Safari on my iPhone it will work if in "Mobile" mode, but if I choose to view it in "Full Site" mode (still in Safari on my phone) the quote function then doesn't work.

    It definitely did used to work in Full mode, so not sure what has happened for it to no longer.

  • I agree. Fix the quotes please.

  • Hello. Thanks for your kind words.

    re: renaming - The domain is bought, I just need to find the time to repoint DNS and stuff. Free time is pretty scarce at the moment though.
    re: quotes function - see above.

  • I think its fine, doesn't really need a new name does it?

  • So drcongo, one point I picked up in your response was 'domain bought'. That obviously means you are spending your own money as well as considerable time to keep our site running.

    Do you need any contributions towards the costs?

    The site is excellent and I for one would gladly pay an annual fee to cover operating costs et al.

  • I agree; the refreshing absence of adverts comes at a price and you shouldn't be the only person paying it.

  • At the very least @drcongo should never pay for a drink in the bars of AP

  • @arnos_grove said:
    At the very least @drcongo should never pay for a drink in the bars of AP

    I usually forget my wallet anyway as you know.

    As for the costs of running it, it's on a server which I've had for so long that it's essentially free (though not so sure about reliable, or fast) so the only costs really are the pennies for renewing the domain name every year.

  • I recently noticed that the activity log appears to publish private messages, Had others realised this as well? And is this integral to the design, or can private messages be more private?

  • Some absolute filth in those private messages as well

  • @Baldric Can you point me where this is happening?

  • @drcongo :If you select either of the 'activity' options whether at the top or side of the page, you then get the list of those joining the site, changing profile pictures etc. And about four notifications down at present is a message from chickenhead to another forum member, and there are other messages on earlier pages as well.

  • @Baldric Ah, those aren't private messages. @Chickenhead actually posted that on @LX1's profile page. Actual private messages (using the "Message" button) don't show up in there.

  • Ah you learn a new thing everyday.

  • I didn't know I had a profile page. Or that a chicken had run amok amongst it!

  • Some stats from those 6 months:

    1,611,616 page views
    647 registered users (half of those are probably argylephil)
    944 discussion threads
    20,773 unique visitors

  • My research suggests there are between 90-100 unique gasroomers

  • @drcongo many thanks.

  • I'd say 90 - 100 regularly active is probably about right. @Ciderk1d makes up for an impressive / tragic [delete as applicable] 4.765% of the posts on here.

  • How many users are named after birds?

  • @drcongo, only because I care :)

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