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worrying times

Just me or is anyone else worried? Not about the strikers or lack of depth etc but more the fact that at board and management level were "okay" with an end of season collapse, seeing as we're now safe?


  • Losing Paris & Scowen was always going to be a blow. We have no money. Not sure what else we can do - it's been a great effort so far but perhaps we've reachef the limit of this squad's capabilities.

  • Agreed. If there's no money in the pot for loans, it is what it is. The return of Hayes should boost us, but maybe not to the level of sustaining a promotion campaign. Plenty of twists and turns yet though.

  • Very disappointing. Substitutions where made far to late for any of them to make a difference. Hayes and Holloway did more in 5 minutes than a few who had 85 minutes plus more (creativity wise) .

    Fred took the spill really well, but needs to make them crosses count.

    We had more than enough chances, with cut backs to win game comfortably. Exiles had once chance in second half and took it.

  • 1 point from 9 in last three home games. Are we that skint that we cannot supplement the squad with a few loanees? Thought we might be able to bring a few in after Doc finishing and selling Josh and Paris.

    Maybe the debt position is much worst than envisaged,

    Great to get enough points to assure safety in the league, and maybe my expectations are too high but I just feel a few good loanees would freshen up the squad after a very successful season and maybe give us a good chance to stay in top seven.

  • I wouldn't say "worrying times", we're still very nicely positioned and the return of Hayes is a big boost. Today was frustrating though, much more so than against Plymouth on Tuesday. That was easy to write off as a poor performance against a good team, but Newport were there for the taking today and we should've won in the 2nd half. We missed our chances however and a rare mistake by Mawson let them in to nab the winner after really they'd not threatened at all in the 2nd half. 1st half we were dreadful, much as people like to have a go at McClure & Craig, they both worked their socks off today, but were feeding off scraps. I was surprised Bloomfield was dropped after a good game on Tuesday, Murphy is a good player, but off his game at present.

  • 7 of the top 9 won today - i fear a slide downwards. I wonder if that would suit certain people?

  • @simply_devine said:
    Just me or is anyone else worried? Not about the strikers or lack of depth etc but more the fact that at board and management level were "okay" with an end of season collapse, seeing as we're now safe?

    Several things to worry about, but to be sure GA wanting to win every game isn't one of them.

  • We deserved at least a pt from the second half.

    Hayes is head and shoulders above Holloway as a link-up man. I've no doubt we will start getting more goals with him back in the team.

  • I'm worried about the rest of the season. But if we have no money, what can we do? If there is a slide down the league let's hope the board don't sack Gareth. It clearly isn't going to be his fault with a tiny squad and two central players sold.

  • I'm pretty sure we'll make the play offs, especially with Hayes back. It could yet end on an exciting note - I've not thought we'd finish in the top three for a long time now, but who could have possibly predicted the season we have had so far. Newport I thought were on a par with us, the game was pretty even, though I'm surprised we lost it in the end.

  • I feel the disappointment in this thread. But end of day, we have been told that we have reached our intended goal of points and had to sell two influential players to balance the books. The back 4 have played ever game unless due to suspension. Jombati was off form and can't make a decent cross. JJ famous left peg, has become his right peg.

    Our set pieces mount to nothing and got to say a lot of hoofball. The prsesure game is done and dusted. Intensity the main core players are knackered, need a few other options than we have.

    McClure and Craig run their tits off for what? Give the front guys real service they are football players not greyhounds. As for Holloway can't see how he wasn't energised enough to play against his previous club, very weird decision.

  • It would almost be negligent if AH is happy to stick on our current points total. He should pay GA on the back say well done and set him a new target of a play-off place. Otherwise this season will just fizzle out and crowds will fall away, and be damaging to attendances and revenue next season as well .

    Let's give it a real go for the last few games, crowds will continue to increase, and even if we don't get promoted this season , it will give fans optimism for next season.

  • Totally agree Mr Ottershaw, ive lost count in the last 2 weeks of people (some die hards,some casual and some just football fans) who have said to me WWFC dont want to go up.
    They gave various reasons, including an approach to buy the club from present insiders, which would have a lower selling price as a div 2 club if the trust members voted to sell !!
    Whether there is truth in these rumours or are fanciful stories, i dont know.
    But yesterdays gate was disappointing, at it's about time the powers that be gave the
    supporters a more detailed plan of what the clubs immediate ambitions are and plans for the future.
    But given the Trusts recent record of communication, i don't hold out much hope.

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