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Club shop.

Anyone know when they will get new stock in? Most things are either sold out or XXX large or small, i can't help but feel the club are missing out here. I don't mean matchday shirts but training tops and polo shirts.


  • I've been after a child's home shirt 5-6 yo and a medium home shirt since March and still Kukri haven't stocked the club shop!! The sooner we rid of Kukri the better!!

  • Nice one cheers mate.

  • How much longer are we stuck with Kukri for i wonder?

  • Be careful what you wish for. The T shirt, Polo shirt and hoodie that I have purchased from the Kukri shop have all been top quality. I wouldn't want to go back to the days of having to pay huge amounts of money for "Primark" quality clothing. I refuse to buy if it's utter poo.

  • @EwanHoosaami It's not the quality that's the problem, but the seemingly endless supply issues. Unless everyone in High Wycombe is wearing one, it's inexcusable that @WycombeWire has been waiting four months for a shirt in his size.

  • @floyd can't disagree with your last sentence. The waiting period has been horrendous at times and people will give up.after a while.

  • Agree with the above. The replica shirts that I've bought since 2012 have probably been the best we've ever had, quality wise. When you compare them to the awful Kappa effort for 2011-12, there's simply no comparison. But - their ability to supply sufficient stock in a reasonable time frame is appalling, plus the almost total lack of Wembley merchandise was poor in the extreme.

  • Disappointing when there is a substantial demand like a Wembley final, but I do wonder about how much potential clubs at our level have for selling merchandise and making a significant profit. The Gasroom 2.0 may want to buy stuff, but look at our attendances, and the ageing fan profile. I don't have the financial numbers but do recall a lot of effectively remaindered stock when the club got over optimistic or the suppliers produced lots of rubbish. I've raised these points before and still not sure I got anything like a considered reply.

  • Is the idea to make a significant profit or to provide merchandise fans like at a small profit?

  • All profit is worthwhile and merchandise should be affordable, but my sense was that sometimes the operation of club shops and the like are on a scale that isn't justified by the returns. But as I've said already I don't have the data to know one way or the other.

  • @Baldric we've got a better chance of making any kind of profit if there are actually items in stock. Some items that we've sold in the past were never going to sell well, but surely there should always be home replica shirts on sale?

  • Unless it has recently changed, the deal is that they pay us a license fee for the brand then they keep any profit on sales. Assuming that is still the same deal, makes no difference to WWFC whether they sell 1 shirt or 10000.

  • The XXX Large football shirt isn't as big as it sounds, the sizes have been shrinking for years. My Vandanel XL shirt is much bigger than my XXXL Kukri!

  • @floyd : I agree but a lot of these threads go beyond demanding replica shirts. I'm not saying clubs shouldn't offer a range of items, but suggesting that retail is rather more complex than some people might imagine. I recall years when M&S have got it wrong, so small clubs should be wary.

  • @Baldric I totally agree, there's no point in kukri supplying us with golf umbrellas and 90 quid jackets.

  • To not have any replica shirts is poor though isn't it? I wanted to buy a new one for Wembley and couldn't. I can't have been the only one. That's a shame, regardless of how much profit it would have made

  • @DevC said:
    makes no difference to WWFC whether they sell 1 shirt or 10000.

    I beg to differ... It may make no difference to WWFC financially but what definitely matters is the annoyance it causes those people that want to buy a shirt but can't get one, or the disappointment of the person who wanted one for their birthday. I'd wager most people won't realise it's Kukri at fault and will place the blame unfairly on the club.
    Plus it's one less walking advertisement on the streets of Wycombe (and surrounding areas), when all you see these days is kids in their Chelsea or Man City or Barcelona replica shirts.

    It's utterly shambolic that Kukri are unable to provide a decent supply of replica shirts. If the tweet from the club is correct then it's highly unlikely there will be any more available in time for the start of the season which is quite frankly outrageous. What's the point of having decent quality goods if no fucker can buy it?

  • Interesting comments on this topic at the trust forum this evening.

  • @Ozzie_the_Relaxed said:
    Interesting comments on this topic at the trust forum this evening.

    Such as? (please)

  • Such as Kukri pay a sponsorship/fee to the club, we get that irrespective of what they sell or how many they sell. I think the bottom line is that Kukri is a rugby brand and so as soon as the pests left they want out. Financially the deal works out for us but not good for fans wanting to buy shirts etc.

  • Surely some release from this contract can be achieved, its a bit like paying a player you no longer require 'x' amount of his contract early to depart. WWFC are clearly still receiving a fee each year from Kukri, Kukri are no longer interested in supplying merchandise of any decent quantity or timescale to WWFC since Wasps departed. In the long term i can't see how either parties are going to benefit from the 'Mexican stand off'. WWFC did not endear itself to supporters new and old for the complete lack of stock for our trip to wembley and this forthcoming season. Kukri's reputation for not be able to produce merchandise in any reasonable delivery time, and generally giving a woeful service will not enhance their brand name.
    Get ACAS in !!!!

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