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Johnstones Paint Trophy

Does anyone here no the release date of the Johnstones paint trophy fixtures?


    edited July 2015

    The First round draw last year was on Saturday 16th August so id guess it would be a similar date this year

  • Okay thank you very much bit of a Micky mouse cup really but could lead us to a Wembley return.

  • can say now with plenty of confidence we won't progress in this cup for very long with a small squad it won't be viable and extra games where injuries and bookings can be picked up is not on the agenda

  • Agreed blue_w,we don't have a big enough squad to challenge for the painting by numbers cup, i wan't out in the first round.

  • On the other hand we don't really have much choice but to put out nearly a first team, because we just don't have any other players.

  • Just make sure we lose in the first round. Play Gareth and goalkeeping coach.

  • Pointless competition, should be scrapped along with the League Cup.

  • Some of the best Wycombe games I have ever seen have been in those two competitions

  • Wouldn't have played Chelsea if it weren't for the league cup

  • The Autoglass trophy win against Fulham, Coventry at home in 93/94, the Villa goalfest, Fulham, Charlton and Chelsea during the semi final run. All fantastic memories

  • I'm all for winning every game that we can.

  • I don't mind The League Cup

  • The JPT offers lower division teams a decent chance of playing at Wembley with potential benefits to those clubs for several years afterwards. e.g. Walsall had their first Wembley experience this season. Incidentally Three current teams never have (without looking it up can you name them).

    Personally dont se ethe point of the league cup so given the chpoice would dump that but keep the JPT.

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