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Who as been our worst manager since we entered the Football League?

Smith was pretty poor and Smillie did not have much idea. O'Neil was a god, Lambert and Sanchez got us to semi-finals. John Gregory whistled like a sheep dog trialist, Johnny Gorman was pretty good. Waddock was up and down, Taylor was pretty miserable. Ainsworth is learning fast but my vote for the worst WWFC FL manager goes to Tony Adams.


  • Between Taylor and Adams for me. Taylor got us up but i just recall the football being pretty poor. Adams did sign Williamson, Bloomfield and Tyson and his high profile did get us noticed a bit. Tough call.

  • Smith. That is all

  • Smith absolutely definite ..... as much as i disliked Adams, you cant deny he got some pretty good players to come here

  • This has to be between Smillie and Smith.

    Smith will always be remembered as the man who could not take the club forward after O'Neill but the appalling state of the team under Smillie is really difficult to overlook. Adams would be a distant third.

  • Smith. Ruined all the hard work O'neil had done.

  • Alan Sm*th. No contest.

  • Smith, absolutely no doubt

  • Smith. Next question.

  • In Smillie's defence he should never have been given the job - A good youth team coach completely out of his depth. Smith destroyed what O'Neill had created.

  • Alan Smith - no contest

  • Despite Tony Adams general cluelessness and over-rating of his own managerial ability, he can't touch Alan Smith. So I agree with everyone else.

  • No doubt about it- Alan Smith

  • Alan Smith - blew what money we had, alienated the team and introduced the worst home kit in our clubs history.

  • Anyone who was supporting the team when Smith was there would vote for him. He was absolute poison to the team. The others all tried, even if they didn't always succeed.

  • Alan Smith, no one else comes close......

  • Alan Smith without doubt, followed by Waddock

  • Smith gets my vote if for nothing else his seeming dislike of the quarters. Mind you I do remember a quote from Adams "I'm telling the players what to do, they just can't do it....." Arse.

  • Alan Smith. It's not even a contest!

  • I have no clue how a manager who won us promotion (Waddock) can even be mentioned here. Now if this was a thread on who was the manager with the worst eye for a player, we might be talking, but otherwise...

  • Aye, he signed that long-haired right winger who's ended up playing for Finchampstead.

  • Smith transfer listed McGavin for which I will never forgive him. However, the arrogance and confusion Adams brought to the club shouldn't be forgotten.

    I think we could have stayed up had Gorman taken the job in the first place (see the fa cup win against Swindon). Despite bringing a lot of talented players to the club and a good start to the season after we went down Adams oversaw one long slide down the league.

    Apparently it was nothing to do with his methods and solely down to the players inability to understand the catastrophic effect of eating an apple on match day.

  • Alan Smith. Without doubt just the wrong appointment, I think I recall him saying he inherited a squad destined for relegation. Didn't we miss the playoffs by not many points.

  • It's Smith isn't it?

  • I believe there was one wonderful dressing room exchange between Alan Smith and Simon Garner (two diametrically opposed characters) soon after Smith arrived. Smith boasted of having got Crystal Palace (I think it was Palace) into the Premiership. "Aye, and brought them straight back down again" was, I believe, Simon Garner's swift retort.

  • Smith or Adams don't know which is the worst one out of the dreadful.

  • I do wonder what dimension that Tony Adams actually lives in sometimes. Particularly when he said Wim Jensen and he were going to team up at Celtic, unfortunately he hadn't talked with either of the Celtic board or with Wim Jensen who didn't know what Adams was talking about and had no intension of going back to Celtic.

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