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New arrival announcement soon

On Twitter new arrival announcement soon - exciting attacking player?


  • Excellent signing - thought he was great against us in both legs of the play-offs.

  • I will not believe it until bluew_h has confimed.

  • Tended to be seen as a big game Charlie by the locals in Plymouth. Then again so was PCH. One to wait and see.

  • another one on way...............................

  • I have trust in GA knowing how to build a squad. Hopefully the old heads in Hayes and Thompson will make sure everyone buckles down. So far, without a ball being kicked admittedly, I have nothing to complain about with these first four signings...I am more worried Hogan will sign and then not deliver!

  • I'd have him over Ephraim any day of the week

  • Daniel Rowe on a permanent!

  • Now that is an exciting transfer!!

  • Quite happy with the 3 CB's we have to choose from now!

  • I was awfully formal, Daniel Rowe! Welcome back Danny!

  • What a difference an hour makes! Rowe is a top signing.
    Now for Nico Yennaris to top everything off and we'll be in pretty good shape

  • Rowe and Banton are two very good signings. Well done Gaz.

  • I still think we need a creative central midfielder as well but the squad is starting to take shape now.

    Still fairly low expectations for the season but I hope we can upset the apple cart again!

  • Blimey, I spend a couple of hours at the dentist and look what happens...

    Great news all round

  • I'm quite surprised that Rowe has been signed for 3 years, he is a sold player and im happy to have him but he's not the first name you put on the team sheet.

  • think these 2 signings are great....we are now almost there....i more creative midfielder....exiting times!

  • If I recall correctly Plymouth fans said that Banton was a good player but a bit of a spoilt c0ck. But then they said that about PCH too and he turned out all right, so here's hoping.

  • To be fair, Plymouth can be an odd place. its a long way from anywhere and with the only other big town vaguely in the area being local rivals. It is overwhelmingly white. It can be a difficult place to settle for a black player, a long way from his mates and living in a goldfish bowl with nowhere local to escape. Frankly we wouldn't want the Banton from PAFC form, but then we wouldn't have wanted the PCH either. Living closer to his mates and able to "disappear" in London to take the pressure off, and it may be that the exciting player that Banton has inside him comes out more regularly than it did at Argyle.

  • Danny Rowe will be a quality signing believe me. We are lucky to have got him. The three year deal will be the key to the signing. I well remember the conversation I had with him on a train to Leeds a few months back. He believes in Ainsworth and I couldn't print his feelings on Evans.

  • Well that's Craig, Evans, Fletcher, McClure and Horlock out and Thompson, Sellers, Stewart, Rowe and Banton in. In my opinion we have strengthened greatly.
    Like many on here, I feel we still need a central midfield player (maybe instead of Ephraim), and then hopefully Saunders and Nico back for a season long loan plus one or two other loans to finalise our numbers. The squad is really shaping up now. COYB.

  • Great to see Rowe back and Banton looks quality. could it be that Gaz has done it again oh and I get the chance to do the Rowes Pierre pun again Vive la Revolution

  • "and I couldn't print his feelings on Evans." A decent footballer and a great judge of character. What more could we want! Seriously - I'm really pleased he's signed. Always thought that he must have felt good about the club hanging around despite rarely getting a game

  • Generally speaking I think the permanent signings are far better than the contracted players we let go. Question is can we get players like Fred, Saunders and Yennaris to come in on loan. The contribution of timely loan deals for players that hit the ground running last season was massive.

    Rowe was underused last term, largely due to excellent form of Alfie Mawson. I was very impressed with him in central midfield (arguably more so than centre half). At 19 I see that as a very positive deal.

  • Still wished we had kept Craig

  • @Wig_and_Pen : I have a dental appointment tomorrow (extraction + Maryland Bridge) so I hope history repeats itself with the season-long signings of messrs Saunders and Yennaris though the prospects of Yennaris signing must be much reduced with the signing of Danny Rowe. I emerged from ushering for Aliens love Underpants at the Swan (what a delight!!) to discover that Rowe and Banton had been signed. Excellent additions.
    PS 2 hours is one heck of a dental appointment.

  • @micra Well, he's one heck of a dentist!

    The 2 hours included travel so not quite so bad but still tiresome (and expensive)

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